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So I go on Twitter and I see a whole bunch of tweets about Bts Enlistment for the military. And I also see that they cannot pick a date that they want to enlist in the military. If they need one of the members let's say for instance Jin.(I do not have anything against Jin. I love all the members. I only picked him for an example because he is closer to being enlisted than the other members) If they need him they will tell him he has to go to the military. It could be tomorrow or any day that they can call him and say he has to go to the military. I hope I'm making sense to you all.
What do you all think about this whole situation?
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Jin Enlists my Graduation year 😭😭😭
Some of those years aren't correct based on age but I'm hoping a few of them decide to go in together.
But there are news that the military service rules may change so artists may not be able to defer military service until they're 30. The new rule would make them go to the military as soon as they're called so these dates may change in the future πŸ˜”.
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It's okay
I'm going to be 20 years old when jimin will go to the military :( nooo
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