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i let him break me
all i see is ugly , overwhelming insecurity
wondering y he would do this to me
manipulating,Useing reverse physiology making me believe he truly loves me.
when in reality he just wants to abuse me
confuse me
lm lost in thoughts
maybe its a good thing so i can ignore reality thaat i let a man misuse me
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it is very expressive and your point is clear. My personal opinion is that people wander around and treat love as if it is a hole that they will fall into once they find the right one. I think that is the wrong concept for something that is a choice. I believe that we choose who we love and who we give our love to. if we didn't how could our love mean anything? the alternative says that we can only give love two people who are predestined for it and that doesn't sound like any fun at all. I much prefer to give love to those who deserve it those who have earned it and those that I want to. I give love without expectation and therefore I never have to worry about being let down. those are my personal opinions please don't think I was correcting you in anyway.
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baby I m here for u
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found a psychopath to love... huh?
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pretend someone else wrote that text. what advice would you give that person? I think it is clear you should get as far away as possible from this psycho.
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