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The crashing sound of lightening and the booming of the thunder made me jump out of my sleep. I woke up look around with a little haze in my eyes.. Looking over at the clock it was only 6 a.m. Feeling someone stir in my bed, I jumped a little and look to my left. Simon. I forgot he was still here. Quietly I repositioned myself to cradle right underneath his warm as he brought his other arm over to hold me. In that moment we were like normal people. A normal couple. Just he and I. But I knew that deep down I couldn't risk falling back in love with him. I had my heart set on revenge and that's how it needed to end.


I met up with Jay and Detective Kwon to receive the equipment needed to bug the main office, Simon's, and to also bug Alexis’ office. They were going to bug the rest with my help.

“MJ you gotta make sure you put the bug in a place where he won't suspect and he won't look.” said Detective Kwon.
“I know this already. Is there anything else I need to know?”
“Don't be giving us no bullshit attitude, aight. Besides from trying to get him to admit to what the fuck he did, we're also trying to protect your ass from him too.” Jay said.
“Awww Jay so you do care.” I said sarcastically as I looked into his eyes.
“Don't get that shit twisted. Personally, I don't give two fucks about what happened to you. Karmas a bitch. But for the sake of this plan and what happens after I need your ass alive. I wouldn't want you even if the Earth was to fucking ending!”

I knew he hated me for what I did to him but the look on his face. His eyebrows furrowed beyond anything I have ever seen, his face looks hard and stern but the worst was his eyes. His eyes were always this beautiful brown and right now they looked so dark, that even attempting to use his eyes to peer into his soul, would take you and burn your own before you could reach the depth at which his soul would be. It shook me to my core to know that not only was the hatred just for Simon and Alexis, but also for me. I can't fault him for that, what I did… No no.. What we did to him was worse than any betrayal of having women leave him for his partner. The worse part, I did regret doing what I did. Jay didn't deserve it. None of it. Even though he could be an ass, he was the sweetest man I had ever met. He always kept his business separate from his personal, although he would bring us into his world. But he never let his personal affairs or emotions get in the way of any business deal.

On the outside of business, when it was just he and I, all of his attention was on me and never other women. He always stayed true and loyal to the one he was with. The problem was they would never stay loyal to him. He always got screwed over but yet the ones he cared so much about would never be the only one when they were with Simon. Ironic? Karma? This circle of tryst, it was like a game that never ended.

“Fuck you too then Jay.”
“Both of you need to stop. We need to get this shit done. Or else it's all for nothing. So let's do this and take them down.”

We both glared at each other knowing that neither party trusted the other. I took 6 mini cameras and microphones so I could bug the office. They were going to take care of bugging Simons place. I pray this works out, for my benefit of course.

Jay's Perspective

The fact that I know who she is, is making it even harder for me to trust her. More than ever. I began to start questioning everything. Considering we were in a relationship, was this her plan all along. To help Simon destroy me, so then she would have open advantage to do the same to him? If that were the case, why did she wait so long.

I thought I didn't couldn't stand her before, but now I just fucking hate her. My life in ruins because of her and Simon, not to mention Alexis as well. These fuckers were all on the same team but yet I'm the one that brought them together in the first place. The shit you do. It's all good, karma's a bigger bitch so the revenge will be sweet.

“Alright Detective, so when are we doing this? Everything needs to happen at the same time or at the vet least when no one is around.”

“You're right Jay. And right now, the most important places are his office and Alexis’ plus their home. Not to mention any other little hiding spots that they have.”

“Tomorrow. It's all going down. MJ you already know what to do and where to go. If anything and I mean anything goes wrong or seems off call one of us immediately! Got it?”

“Got it.”

“Alright then. Let's get it done!”

Let’s hope it all goes as planned.

The Next Day- MJ’s Perspective

Today’s the day. The plan sets everything in motion for what we have been waiting for. For what I have been waiting for. I walked into the building feeling a sense of foreboding. It felt as though the building itself was telling me to run and never come back. But it was far too late to turn back now. I walked in, in my usual manner addressing whoever needed to be addressed. The first place I went into was the storage unit that had the security main frame so that I could attach the feed straight to Detective Kwon. It's a good thing he walked me thru because it was a lot more difficult than I anticipated.

Finally, I got it. I made sure that they could see the feed and hopefully no other security measures were alerted or detected the device. I casually made my way to the security office to check it out.

“Hey guys! What's up?”
“Eyy, look at who we got here. Where the hell you been MJ?”
“Yea?! Your presence was missed dearly!”
“Aww, you boys actually missed me? I thought I was just a pain in your ass most of the time?!”
“Oh no worries! You're still a pain in the ass! But we did miss ya.”
“We had no one else to pick on while you were gone.”
“Funny. I'm glad I can provide you boys with such enjoyment. I just came in to say what's up and see where Simon and Alexis were at?”
“Well, Simon ain't here yet. But he should be any minute. As for Alexis, it looks like she's in the files office.”
“Thanks fellas. I'll see ya around.”
“See ya MJ.”
“Yea see ya.”

I walked out of the office and went straight for Alexis’ first. It's better to do Simon's office last, since I can come up with an actual excuse for him. As I approached Alexis’ office, I checked to make sure that all entry points were clear before heading in. You never knew who was around the corner and watching every move. Going through her office I planted each camera and microphone carefully. One behind her desk, one under her lamp, one in her closet where she kept extra clothes. As soon as I was done, I headed straight to Simon's office.

Walking upon Simon's office, I could see no one in sight as I peered into one of his office windows. Although Simon locked his door every night that he left the office, I was allowed a key to have access for whatever I may needed when he wasn't there. Or for other guilty pleasures. I was moving quickly through the office. I knew it was a matter of time before Simon or someone else walked in. I was halfway through installing the last camera when I heard someone.

“What the fuck do you think you're doing?”

Slowly turning around, I see Alexis standing in the frame of the doorway with her arms crossed across her chest.

“None of your damn business!”
“It is my business, when it fucking involves Simon. Even if you are the bitch who's just screwing my husband for fun.”
“You know Alexis, I thought that maybe me being gone for a while, that this ummm… ego and possessive obsessive behavior you have with Simon and I would have ended.”
“What the fuck? Birch have you lost your mind? Ego?! Possessive obsessive? Yea I have every right to have that ego. But to say I'm possessive obsessive over you and simon?! You're more delusional than I thought.”

Walking towards Alexis, I made sure to get as close to her as possible considering that now, we were standing square in the middle of Simon's office.

“No I'm not delusional. But you on the other hand my dear… Well… You're just pathetic!”
“Yea pathetic! To be honest I don't see what it is he saw in you? You're soo fucking clingy. You're really not that beautiful, and by the looks of things…. Well let's say I see why he comes to me for a good fuck!”


I felt a burning sensation across my left cheek as my head turned from the force of her slap. I chuckled.

“You laugh?! Ha.. Goes to you for a good fuck?! Naw bitch you're just a whore that he likes to fuck around with.”

She began walking closer to me and took her finger and twisted it around one of my curly locks as she yanked it and forced my head back.

“You're nothing but fucking trash. Garbage, that he just picked up off the street like a fucking stray.”
“I was never a stray. I am eight where I'm meant to be.”

And with that I twisted so that I could face and head butted her in the nose. She stumbled backwards and held her nose.

“Fucking bitch!”

She came at me and swung. I would dodge here and there while throwing my own punches. She landed some and I also landed a few. We fought and damn near destroyed Simon's office. We had our hands around each other's throats until I could feel a strong pair of hands pulling me back. I look up to see Simon and the security team in the office separating us.


“Why don't you ask your side bitch what the fuck she was doing in your office when you weren't here?”
“I already told you.. Its none of your fucking business, Alexis. Whatever the fuck I decide to do for him, it’s none of your business.”

“Both of you shut the fuck up?”

Simon gets in the middle of us and he looks at me first. He grabs my chin as I wince and looks me up and down, then looks at Alexis.

“MJ? What were you doing in my office?”
“You really wanna know?! Fine!” Since it was Simon and I have done things like this before I knew he would believe me. Or at least I hoped he would this time considering what happened at my apartment when I got home.

“I came in here to surprise you for tonight. I was going to leave a note, telling you where to meet me but I couldn't find the right place to put it. I know how much you love changing your clothes during the day and I was going to leave it in one of your jacket pockets with a special gift before I was rudely interrupted.”

“Is that so?!”
“Yes it is so… And now I can't do either seeing as how the gift is ruined and the note got tossed around here somewhere.”
“I do love it when you….”
“Don't believe a fucking word out of her mouth. Don't you dare. I know what I saw and she sure as hell wasn't doing that!”
“How the fuck would you know Alexis?! Did you bother asking her what she was doing? Did she answer you or did she tell you it was none of your fucking business?!”

The look on Simon's face said it all. He no longer wanted or loved Alexis. And at some point in their relationship, she started losing his trust. His eyes had turned as dark as the same night that he held me by my throat. He walked closer to her, only leaving an inch between his face and hers.

“She's right Alexis. It’s none of your fucking business. Don't ever get involved again. You got that!? Or else I'm gonna do much worse damage to you than what she's done already.”
“Fuck you Simon! What more damage could you possibly do? Huh?!”
“Would you like me to show you?”

And with that Simon .are everyone leave his office, including me while he and Alexis finished their conversation. Which by the tone that he used. It was not going to be pretty. I used the opportunity to call Jay to give him the go ahead. This would give them plenty of time to do what needed to be done.

Alexis’ Perspective

Everyone left on Simon's command leaving me alone with him in the office. I have seen Simon angry, but this Simon. This Simon I didn't know. His eyes as black as night and the smirk peeking right at the corner of his mouth. Once the door was closed he grabbed me by my neck and pushed me against the wall.

“I don't know who in the fuck gave you permission to go around questioning shit that people do for me but I suggest you learn your fucking place!”

I wrapped my hands around his, hoping he would let up in my throat so I could breathe a little bit more. The air was coming slowly and it was hard to breathe.

“My.. Fucking… Place..? Did… You… forget… who… helped… You… get… To… This…. Place..?” I said through gasped breathing.

“It… Wasn't…. That…. Bitch… You're…… was… Me… I… Got…. You…. Here…. By…. Betraying… The… One… Person….. Who…. Would….. Have… Never…. Betrayed…. Me…!!”

His eyes grew more narrow as he lifted me up and tossed me to the ground. I grabbed my throat gasping for air as he walked over and took a squat right in front of me. He slowly tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.

“You know Alexis… No one forced you to betray Jay. No one forced you to come with me… You did all of that shit on your own. You knew what the fuck you were getting into the first time you fucked me. And that time I was already with someone…. So what the fuck made you think, that this would be any different. Huh?”
“You know what your biggest fucking problem is Simon? It's the fact that your dick does all of your talking for you when it comes to females. You won't look at the answers and the truths staring you right in your fucking face until it's too goddamn late. And then what happens? You end up being fucked over by some dumb bitch.”
“You should really watch what you say next. I'm warning you!”
“I don't give a shit what you say. I know fucking well that MJ was not doing what she said she was doing! I wouldn't be surprised if she plans on screwing you over and taking you for everything you got. You wanna fucking believe her, then go right the fuck ahead and do so. But I'm not waiting around to see what the bitch has planned. I will fucking find out myself!”

After that his hand went straight across my face. No remorse. No feeling. No nothing.

“This your first and last fucking warning. Stay the fuck away from her. Or else?”
“Or else what Simon?! Huh? Are you gonna kill me like you did Rae?!”
“That's exactly what I'm fucking going to do!”
“Fuck you Simon. You wanna be blinded and stay loyal to that bitch so be it. It's you're fucking funeral.”

I got up and walked out of his office. I can't believe this bastard. After all the shit I have done for him, he still wants to believe that bitch. I guess he never learned from the first time this shit happened. But it's all good, I always protect mine. I went into my office and grabbed my cellphone. I made a few calls to some very good friends of mine. I told them I wanted MJs whereabouts and no one was to leave her. Last thing, was to leave her a very subtle message.
MJs Perspective
It's been a long ass day and I'm ready to fucking forget it all. All I know is, is this: everything has been done according to plan. Even if it did cost me to have to have to fight that bitch. That feeling that I had earlier today. I should have listened. I should have done it another day. I provoked a sleeping bear and there is no telling how the hell she will retaliate. All I can do is wait.

I entered into the main entrance of my apartment building, taking the elevator up to the penthouse floor. As the elevators open i get this eerie feeling that something isn't right. Twisting the key in my lock, I step inside and turn on the lights. The place has been trashed. Pictures ripped off the walls, glass broken, pillows shredded. Just shit everywhere. I dropped my purse and keys in disbelief. Fuck. She wasted no time. Thinking I was in the clear, I stepped inside a little more only to hear the door close with a thud. I turn around and see this tall figure standing before me.

“I'm here to deliver a message. ‘'Stay the fuck out of my way or else I will make sure you are permanently!”

And with that, he swung.


Well ladies and gents. I'm sorry this has taken so long to write but I do hope you enjoy it. Thank you for being patient with me.

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