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I looked up to Jongup, we were good friends for a while he was a good choice, I could feel it. I smiled at him brightly,

"How about you Uppie?" I asked.

"Me?" he asked surprised.

"Sure we were childhood friends we can catch up a little more as we travel." I said smiling.

Jongup chuckled and nodded,


"No fair. You chose him because he knew you before. Princess don't you want to have me?" Minho teased.

I chuckled as he came over and and grabbed my hands to kiss the back of my fingers. He gave me a charming smile. I simply laughed before slowly slipping my hands from Minho. Jongup stepped forward and blocked me from him. He was smiling as he said,

"Sorry but I was chosen to protect her that means protecting her from you too." Jongup said.

Kihyun kind of chuckled, surprising me, Jongup took my hand and led me to Yato. He helped me up on him before walking over to get his horse to sit on. Jiho looked around at all of us and said,

"Stay close when we head out Lord Ryo's men can be lingering any where and we don't want to be surprised."

We all nodded and Kihyun and Jiho rode off in front of us. Jongup stayed beside me while Minho trailed behind us. It took all of our magic to open the door but some how I felt like the knights magic was stronger than mine. I wasn't really familiar with the spell for unlocking the gate but we made it through pretty well. I don't think Jongup wanted me using too much magic. He asked me to take it easy or as long as possible. I started to look at the map my mother gave me as we walked along the path. There were red lines marking a path and then parts in purple. The purple were villiages but I couldn't actually figure out what they meant.

Mother, was I supposed to stop at these places?

"Jongup look at this." I said trying to show him the map.

He took it from my hand and looked at it.

"Whoa! There's a lot of circled parts on here what do you think that means?" he said.

I thought for a moment,

"Well I'm not entirely sure. Maybe it has something to do with my studies. I wonder if my mother wanted me to stop some where." I said.

"This first one is Sanha Villiage, they make really good rice cakes. I hear they've been having some trouble lately though. We'll be coming up on that villiage sometime soon." Jongup said.

"Maybe we should stop there. Besides in the haste I forgot to pack food for the trip. The horses will need water. What were we thinking?" I said slightly upset.

Jongup patted my head with a little laugh. He was older than me by just a few months but he treated me as though I was his younger sister. I smiled softly at him. He was a better choice out of all of them.

We were walking past a rice farm but it seemed like the darkness lingered heavier on this place than any where else. The crops were destroyed and frozen. I shivered as we walked to the villiage and Jongup handed me a wrap he had clinging to his horse. I thanked him as I watched snow fall down around us.

"This place is covered in darkness." I said looking around.

"Will your powers be able to purify it?" Jongup asked me.

"Mmm I'm not sure. My powers were at par back home but I only had small amounts of darkness to perform on. I even went against a simulation Chimera and won after my third try but even the bigger spells took a lot of energy out of me. I'm not quite sure how this kind of darkness will fair against my powers before I receive my ancestors powers." I said.

Jongup suddenly stopped beside me and held out his hand. He looked up to the sky and my eyes followed. Everyone before us had stopped as well to look up at the darkness that was forming. I stared at the darkness coming together to form a large body.

"Princess." Jongup said holding his hand out in front of me.

"It's turning into a jackal." I said wide eyed.

Jackal's were of darkness as well. They formed with long dog faces and legs. Their bodies were thin but that only provided them more speed. Their hands were formed into scythes. Jongup forced me to get Yato to run to another side of the field while the Jackal landed in front of Jiho and Minho. The Jackal focused on them for all of three seconds before turning his head to me. I could feel a shiver up my spine.

"Uh Jongup." I said nervously.

"Stay here." he said.

I nodded while shaking. Many times I had gone up against simulations of Chimeras and Jackals but I was never afraid of them. Not the way I was afriad this Jackal and the size had nothing to do with it. The Jackal headed towards me and Jongup rode his horse twoards the Jackal.

"Yah! Kihyun!" he yelled.

Kihyun nodded before he threw his chakram and Jongup shot bubbles up into the air to surround the Jackal. There was lighting shooting around the charkram charging Jongup's bubbles. The bubbles popped and sent lightining blast to the Jackal stalling it in it's path.

"Wow such team work!" I said amazed.

The Jackal wasn't down just yet. It got back up with even darker intentions. It was able to reach out and his hand stretched towards me. The scythe of a hand came close and Jiho appeared in front of me to block the attack.

"Go!" he shouted at me.

I quickly road Yato around the battle and met up with Jongup on the other side. Jiho was keeping its attention when the Jackal suddenly split into two. It was much smaller now but it was focusing on Jiho and then turning to us. I could just feel a bad feeling go up my spine.

"Damn I didn't think it could do that." Jongup said.

"It keeps aiming for me." I said.

"Maybe it's one of Lord Ryo's attacks."

"No, Jackal's work on their own. They move by pure instinct. Its- Jongup!" I screamed as I saw the second Jackal speeding towards us.

Jongup up slapped Yato to get him to run before blasting bubbles at the Jackal. The sight was beautiful and if I didn't know the power that was behind those bubbles I probably would've thought that attack would've done no good.

"Bubble bomb!" He yelled.

The bubbles detonated like bombs and the field was covered in smoke. I got an idea. I looked over at Minho and Kihyun and rode over to them. I could see another Jackal forming from the two that were fighting both Jongup and Jiho.

"I have an idea. Minho can you create enough of those petals to distract all of those jackals?" I siad.

Minho nodded.

"Good, Kihyun I need you to get to Jiho have him cut down their legs, with his speed he should be able to cut them down to size quick enough. I'll need you to do what you did with Jongup earlier." I said.

"Understood." he said simply.

"What about you Princess?" Minho asked.

"I'll purify the area once they return to nothing but darkness. If I do the spell correctly and fast enough this area will be cleansed." I said.

They nodded and began to move quickly. Kihyun ran towards Jiho and Minho stayed in his place conjouring up as many petals as he possibly could. The sweet scent of blossoms filled the air as they swarmed around the Jackals. I quickly made it to Jongup and grabbed his hand to help him up on Yato.

"Y/n what are you doing?" he said

"I need you to create as many bubbles as you can when I say when alright?"

"Alright." he said.

I had Yato run around the now four human sized Jackals avoiding their scythe like hand attacks. Once they were rounded together I jumped off of Yato and into the middle of the four Jackals; they all had their sights set on me. Jiho had quickly moved striking down their legs as he ran across from them.

"Now!" I yelled to Jungup.

He spawned thousands of bubbles and Kihyun's Chakram whizzed around them charging the bubbles before they attacked the fallen Jackals. I had to duck down to take cover from the lightning but I watched as they started to lose their Jackal like form. Chimera's were easier to deal with than Jackal's and spells for Jackals were twice as hard for me but I had to react fast. I pulled out a talismen from my sleeve.

"Bless this holy sword with your divine powers. I call upon my ancestors, lend me your strength pierce through this dakrness. Erase this tainted place." I said the spell as I began to allow it to take over my swords power.

I saw the sword glow with heavenly light and I quickly slashed through the floating darkness. The light took over, consumming the darkness and making it disappear. The snow had stoped falling and instead golden rays of sunlight came out to melt the area around us. I looked around at the land.

"Sunlight." I said smiling.
Jongup came over to me and patted my head.

"That was a very good job Y/n!" he said proud.

I felt myself blush. It was a hard spell when it came to practicing back home but some how that felt quite natural and it brought purity back to this land at the very least.

"Thanks Uppie." I chuckled.

"That was incredibly dangerous and next time you should let us handle the battle young lady." Jiho scolded me.

"Easy there leader, she did a wonderful job at orchestrating that little plan of hers under pressure. She did save our lives, give her a little break besides it's her power we have to rely on to save the world." Minho defended me.

Kihyun nodded with a faint smile but I could tell he was proud of my efforts as well. Jiho seemed annoyed but he left it alone mostly. I looked up to the sky but I saw something shiny in the air that caught my attention. I held out my hand wondering what it was as it fell. I captured it and then opened my palm. I could tell Jongup and Minho both were interested in what it was because they were leaning over my shoulder peeking to see my palm open.

"Huh? It's a gem!" I said surprised.

It was a purple stone Gem that I had no Idea what it was being used for. I went and grabbed the map wondering what it was about but something had changed about the map.

"Wah!!! No way!" I yelled.

"What is it Y/n?" Jongup said.

"The villiage we were looking at before the purple circle is gone and the number one has been placed by it!" I said.

"Let me see." Jongup said.

He came over to look and saw just as I had discribed that the purple circle was gone and that a number one was by it. Without having to actually go into the Villiage the map had changed. I looked at the gem in my palm. It was small and purple like it was a shard of something.

"Oh! What if this map isn't just to get to the Island of Mist. Perhaps I'm supposed to find all these gems first before we get there." I said.

"You think so?" Minho questioned.

"It would seem like it. It looks like it's only a shard to something bigger. Perhaps it forms a special key to get to the island of Mist or even to recieve her powers." Jongup said.

"Which may be the reason why we haven't run into Lord Ryo's forces yet. We should keep going if you're truly to collect all of those pieces then we'll get the next piece at the next villiage. Let's move out." Jiho said.

I nodded and got onto Yato's back again. Jongup got on his horse and made his way up next to me. Suddenly, we were all in formation again and heading to the next villiage...
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Oooo I like how she led the battle on this one! And how cool of the shards! This story is badass. Jongup was so adorable 😍😍