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Game time ~! I messed up on the first card I posted of this, but let's try this again XDD

Post a famous English lyric from a Kpop song and someone try to reply with the correct song it's from.

I will go first to start it out, and the person who gets the answer will continue.


"No I don’t wanna go too fast
Cuz nothing really lasts
I think I need some time
But I can’t get you off my mind"
BIG BANG- Fxxk It ♡
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Question though, so now i post a song lyric ??
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Oh okay got cha !!
8 months ago
The next eng lyric: "Well let’s forget about all the Trauma Will try to make you my queen Just like stories in the Drama Just don’t know who will come up ain’t no body Who would come pop in to my mind Better be somebody special for me"
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@PolarStarr Got7 - Follow Me
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you're turn now
8 months ago