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I picked up Gio from Amerie's house and I grabbed my car keys and grabbed Gio putting him in his car seat.ChuckE Cheese doesn't seem like a bad place to hangout.Once I got to ChickE Cheese I parked infront of the building and got out helping Gio.We walked in and got our stamps. "Hi."Gio said giving the lady a smile. "Hi handsome.How old are you?"asked the lady that worked there. "3."He answered holding up 3 fingers. "Cute.Have a nice time."She smiled. I got Gio and I a lot of tokens and we began to play some games.I looked up for a second and he ran off to the the food counter pointing to the pizza. "Appa.I'm hungry." "Hey.What can I do for you?"The guy asked. "Can I get a medium pepperoni,a small sprite,and a medium Pepsi?" "Sure thing.That'll be 19.47." I gave him a 20 telling him to keep the rest.He handed me the drinks and I followed Gio to an open table.He sat on his knees taking a drink of his Sprite.Well I drank out of my soda a couple of fans I'm guessing came up. "Hi.Jay.I was wondering if I can have your autograph?"The red head asked. "Sure sweetie."I said grabbing her pen. "I love your music."Said the Blonde. "Thanks." I signed their shirts and they ran off to where ever they came from and out pizza came. "So Gio.I heard you and Mommy went to Chase's house.Did you have fun?"I asked getting a plate ready for him. "Yeah." "Do you like Chase?" "No.He hurts Mommy." "What?" "I saw him make Mommy cry."he said taking a. It's from his pizza. "What did Chase do to Mommy?" "He hit Mommy and grabbed her throat." I can't believe I'm hearing this out of my sons mouth. Is she crazy having my son in an environment like this. Hell no. Imma fix this. "Did Chase ever make you cry?" "No just Mommy." "Oh I see.Let's finishh eating and playing games. "Okay." After all our tokens were gone I headed over to my parents house dropping Gio off and headed to back to my hotel.I really need to talk to Gia. Yo Im so heated right now. "Hello." "We need to talk."I said opening my hotel door. "Ok about what?" "It's important. Can you just come to my hotel?" "Yeah.Im on my way." ~Amerie's House~ "Yes."i said looking down. "So why can't you listen to Romeo or any of us telling you to leave him.The one person that would make you leave and he isn't here." Besides Romeo,Antonio was someone I would always go to and he would talk sense into me.Whenever I had a problem I didn't think Romeo could help me with Antonio was right there. "Chase will one day put you in the hospital."Amerie said knowing she had to also try and talk some sense into me. "Please end it."Cha Cha said. "Who else would make you leave him?" Jay. "You guys are right.Umm Im just going to sleep on it."I said getting up from my seat. "Gia."Romeo said trying to stop me. "Just let her go."Said Amerie. I walked to the guest bedroom I was sleeping in and laid down looking at the ceiling hearing their words over and over. I was about to sleep until my phone began to ring. I looked and see it's Jay. I answer talking to him for a minute and it sounded important. I quickly slipped on some shoes and headed out driving to his hotel. I headed up to his floor knocking on the door. "Come in."He said leaving the door open. "What was so important?"I asked closing the door behind me. "I wanna know why my son is telling me Chase grabbed your throat." "Nothing like that happened." I didn't think he saw that. "Gia.Don't lie.Why haven't you told me?" "Because why would you care?" "You're my sons mother and I love you.Ive known for so long and you can't come to me." I couldn't help but hang me head down. A quick chapter Comment,❤️,📎!! Hope you enjoyed:) 💋BBMG SQUAD💋 @MarrickeJ33 @BBxGD @xroyalreisx @LocoForJiYong 💯Won Squad💯 @BBxGD @royalpandajedi @PrettieeEmm @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 @MaelstromVIP @SashaKmseoul @FromBlue2U @Namjoonsbutt SimonNation: @LiyahBoon @AlenaSegura @Airess95 @Caky @EvilGenius @IsoldaPazo @JohnEvans @SimplyAwkward @Tabili @VeronicaArtino Tag List! @EvilGenius @LizaNightshade @BrianaSmalls @AimeeH @kpopandkimchi @shellyfuentes70 @megancurrent9 @Sailynn @BekiKunstman @Annaharris1989 @AraceliJimenez @catchyacrayon @PassTheSuga @JamiMilsap @MissT615 @LinnyOk @resavalencia @3SecondsOfHope @petname83 @VatcheeAfandi99 @RebeccaLondon @twistedlove @amobigbang @lovetop @Ambie @LysetteMartinez @sarahdarwish @MelissaGarza @SatinSkies @MzDawson31508 @luna1171 @lilbr0wneyes @jessicaacosta90 @katyng52 @exolover101 @yaya12 @BreeMassey @Starbell808 @FromBlue2U @TiffanyDixon @chenisbaekasy @tiffany1922 @YviLole15
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That's right Jay you tell her!! shit man whoop that asshole ass