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Shout out to @MarrickeJ33 for writing this chapter!

I broke down crying in front of him. I hated how vulnerable I could be with him, but I loved it all at the same time. “Gia?! Look at me? Please!” I couldn’t bare to look at him. I kept my head down, slowly letting the tears fall down my cheek. I was so embarrassed and ashamed of myself. “Baby girl, look at me please! It’s okay, you don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed.” I just listened to his voice. That soft, sweet melody that came from in between those lips. It was giving me feelings that I haven’t felt in a long time. The butterflies started stirring in the pit of my stomach and it was making feel warm and comforted. “Gia?!” said Jay. This time he took his finger and placed it right underneath my chin and gently lifted my face up enough for me to look into those beautiful brown eyes of his. The sense of longing keeps coming back. I never realized how beautiful his eyes were until this moment. I could barely hear what he was saying to me. His eyes were intense but warm, his lips full and plump but provided caring words. The structure of his jaw and how perfectly aligned and strong it looked. The man that I had fallen in love with for the first time, I’m now noticing exactly how much I loved this man. Not moving and not saying a word, I feel his body move towards mine and then I feel those soft lips of his press against my forehead. It felt so good to feel his lips on me. I could smell is cologne. I always loved the way he smelled. I felt another tear shed from my eye. He didn’t stop there. His lips moved down and he kissed the top of my nose like he used to when he was trying to be cute. Then he kissed above each one of my eyes as his thumbs wiped away my tears. My heart was beginning to escalate. Then I could feel my face lifting up more to meet his and he looks me deep in my eyes. “You’re so beautiful G. I hate seeing you like this.” And with that he kissed me on the lips. Not hard, but nice and soft and held my lips between his for what seemed like a lifetime before he pulled back and let go.  I couldn’t move my lips because I was just enjoying the moment. We sat there for the moment and just looked at each other, with his hands still lighting touching my face as he tucked some of my hair behind my ear. Looking at him, looking at me he bites his lip as if contemplating whether he should go for it again. So he does. He moves in and kisses me on my lips but this time I kissed him back. Our mouths moving together, as if we never left each other. It just felt so right. Wrapping his free arm around my waist he gently laid me back on the bed and climbed on top. His warm hands moving up and down my body never felt so good. He moved his lips from mine and nestled his lips right against my neck where the bruises from the other night still remained. Kissing every spot as to make it feel better and seem as if it’s really not there. Moving from my neck he continued down and slowly unbuttoned my shirt revealing my black tank top. Pushing both my bra strap and my tank top strap down he kissed the top of my shoulder blade. I forgot how good kisses were and how they could make me feel at any moment. From my shoulder he kissed down my arm, making the tiny hairs stand up as the electricity came pulsating through my body. He came back up and kissed me on my lips while his hands tugged at the hem of my tank top and he pulled it off with ease revealing my black bra. I sat up without breaking the kiss and pulled his shirt off of him revealing that chiseled ab and those amazing tattoos that he had inked all over his body. I sat there for a minute just looking at the wonder that used to be mine, wondering how it was that I let this go. I took my finger and traced every line on his abdomen and ran my finger up his his side where he had passion written up and down his rib cage. Back to the top where the lion on his breast sat looking poise but yet mighty and ferocious. He watched me from above as I used my fingers to outline his body. I took my hands and ran them up his chest feeling how hard they are and then wrapped them around his neck and brought his lips to mine for a deep passionate kiss. He didn’t resist, instead he laid me back and raised my legs on either side of him, so that he was right in between them. He moved his hands down to my pants and unbuttoned the top of them so he could remove them. I wiggled my butt so to make it easier for him to get me out of them and I could feel him chuckle. I lightly slapped him crossed his chest. “Ow. What was that for!” he said in amusement. “You know what!” I said. But even I couldn't keep a straight face while saying that. “Aww come on G, I always loved it when you had to wiggle your butt out of your jeans! It was always soo… sexy!” he said wiggling his eyebrows. I chuckled as I reached up and placed my hands behind his neck and kissed him even more passionately and deeply. Slowly laying back his hand came up to my breast and began massaging it. A small moan escaped my lips. Kissing me from my lips down to my neck he kidnapped my bra before the blink of an eye, allowing my breasts to roam free. Removing my bra and throwing it to the side, he kissed my right breast and then my left. Slowly making his way down to my nipple. Toying with it. His soft lips wrapped around my nipple sucking and pulling on it with is teeth. I arched my back as I felt electricity flowing through my body and little.moans escaping from my mouth here and there. He feels my.body with so much ecstasy it was becoming intoxicating. Has he kissed my nipples, his hand made its way to my panties, where his hand dipped down inside and started playing with my entrance. At first it was slow and in a circular motion, switching directions so I could never grind with the motion. Then a little faster he went, going up and down making sure to hit my clit. With no warning he inserted one finger inside of me. Pumping slow into my already wet pussy. I moved my left leg to the side so he could get a better angle. Then he in goes a second finger, with a little bit more of a faster motion. Open and closing his fingers inside of me, spreading them wide so they hit each wall. While he stroked the inside of me, I took my hand and began rubbing on his hard cock. I could hear the moans push past his lips. He came to my face and kissed me only so he could pump faster into me, making me lose my rhythm while rubbing on him. Before I could release, he pulled out and I flipped him on his back. “My turn.” I said. I pulled his pants off right along with his boxers, exposing his hard member. I started from his lips and worked my way all the way down to his cock. I licked him first on one side then on the other. I could hear him moan with every lick. I took him all in, making him gasp for breath as his hips started to move along. He tasted so good. Up and down I went sucking and locking all the way. But what he loved the most, I used my teeth to drag down his hard cock to give him even more sensation. Causing him to buck his hips as his cock hit the back of my throat almost causing me to gag. I pulled off before he could release in my mouth and climbed right on top of him as I rode him slowly. My walls coveting his cock as we we continued making our own music. With our moans bouncing off the ceiling and the walls, it almost sounded like a symphony. My breast bouncing up and down, I kept going as his hands were on my hips guiding me. I could feel the fire building in my stomach, my toes curling and my breathing getting heavier. His was just as ragged as mine. He lifted up and kissed me and then flipped me so he could be on top. Lusting my hips up so he could get a better angle, he trusted deeper. Taking it slow so I would feel every inch of him inside of me. He knew how I liked it. Slow and sensual but seductive. I could see the beads of sweat forming on his forearms, as the room began to get hotter and smelled of sex. He thrusted deeper and deeper making me moan louder and my breath even more ragged than before. He snapped his hips into mine, making that fire in my stomach grow and burn even brighter. “Shit G! I think I'm gonna come!” “Fuck Jay! Me too!” He kept going and our moans became so entangled that your couldn't distinguish whose was whose. Faster and faster he went, deeper and harder. I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist, as I felt my walls squeezing tightly around his cock. Lifting me up, I wrapped my arms around him as he kept thrusting and I kept moving my body to his motion. Leaving fake scratches on his back from the pleasure he was providing. Until finally, we both came together. That burst of ecstasy mixed with emotion and the purity of it all, opened a door that I thought had closed already. We rode the rest of our high out and then we both settled in each other's arms. He kissed my forehead, like he always did after we had sex and hugged me tight and held me there for the rest of the night.
She did!?!?😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 I haven't even read this chapter yet and I already know she tried to kill me. lmaooooo
@FromBlue2U Lmfaooo me try to kill you?!?! Now why would I do such a thing?! 😂😂😂😂😲😲😲😄😄
Yep. She did. @Marricke33j kilt* me dead! ::church faints:: *-I know I spelled it wrong. I spelled it phonetically for effect.
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@FromBlue2U Bahahaha omg you're killing me. Lmaoo. oh yes I know you did. lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😘😘😍😍😄😄😲😲
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@QueenPandaBunny No no no... no lies Lmaoo all truth