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o n e You two had finally arrived at the party. You were greeted with the smell of alcohol and music blasting so loud your ears were ringing. You looked around to see that the only person who looked familiar was Nana aside from Yoongi's friends of course. But they're the last people you actually want to see right now. "Nana don't leave me okay!" You shouted as you turned to see what your best friend had been up to but she was already gone. You found her by the refreshments already talking up a guy. You rolled your eyes as you looked around some more hoping to find someone you knew.But instead in the corner you saw a familiar figure. It was Yoongi but strangely enough Hyeri wasn't anywhere to be found. You continued to watch him. For a second you thought that your eyes had met but you knew that Yoongi would no longer look at you so it must've been your imagination. You turned around to find Hyeri locking lips with Taehyung. One of the guys in Yoongi's group. You shook your head as you headed towards the back yard. "None of my business." You whispered to yourself. You weren't in there long but you had already felt stuffy in the house with barely enough space to move and the loud music hurting your ears. You and Yoongi have been to parties before but you have always hated them. You adjusted yourself so that Yoongi can enjoy himself but there was no need for that anymore. You slid the door open stepping out closing the door behind you. When you stepped out you realized you weren't alone. He looked at you as you sat down by the pool removing your shoes and placing your feet in the water. "Are you allowed to do that?" You laughed a little at the boy,"I'm sure he won't mind." "Right. Is it okay if I?" He said as you looked up at him pointing to the spot next to you,"Go ahead." He then pulled up the bottom of his jeans and removed his shoes placing his feet in the water. "Not into the party scene either huh?" He shook his head,"No its just I don't know anybody. I just moved here and Jongdae brought me here but he already went on his own. What about you?" You looked down at the water,"I went here with my best friend but she ditched me." You both laughed as he held out his hands,"I'm Park Chanyeol. You are?" You gave him a gentle smile as you took his hand firmly gripping it as you shook them,"Byun Y/N. Nice to meet yo--" "Yoongi I already told you--" You looked behind you to see an arguing Hyeri and Yoongi. You figured they weren't as happy as you thought they were. You watched as Yoongi looked at you then at Chanyeol. "Sorry we'll leave. Let's go Y/N." You watched as Chanyeol stood up and held out a hand for you while holding his shoes in the other. You nodded as you took his hands as he helped you pull yourself up from the water as you held your shoes with the other hand. "You guys don't have to leave. Yoongi and I weren't discussing anything impor--" "Nothing important? So all of a sudden you kissing other guys isn't important." Hyeri rolled her eyes as she grunted in frustration. "I already fucking told you Taehyung came on to me!" You scoffed catching her attention,"What?" You were so ready to spit back ready to shoot down whatever lies she was going to spit out. "Woah don't take this out on her." Chanyeol said as he placed his hands on your wrist pulling you back while stepping in front of you. You didn't notice because you two were just sitting earlier but he towered over you completely. You then touched his arm with your free hands as continued to hold onto your other hand. "It's fine Chanyeol." You looked at Yoongi and Hyeri,"Sorry for disrupting you we'll go now. You can discuss or argue or whatever you two were doing." You then let go of Chanyeol's arm and headed inside the house as he followed you,"Y/N!" You heard Yoongi scream making you turn your head,"How you been?" Just peachy. You gave him the sweetest smile you can muster to a man who had just broken your heart to pieces last month,"Fine. I'll see you around." "I'll pick up my things soon." You nodded as you turned around this time heading for the front door. Tears were swelling up inside you again. You thought that you were ready to see him again but you were wrong. It was still too much for your heart to handle. When the tears threatened to come out someone had grabbed your wrist. It was Chanyeol. You had almost forgotten that Chanyeol was following you. "Are you okay?" He leaned in towards your ear making sure you can hear him through the loud music. You then gave him a smile and nodded talking back into his ears,"I'm fine." He then leaned forward again,"Want to leave?" You bit your lip as you looked around looking for Nana. Who was nowhere to be found. You figured that she had already left. So you turned to Chanyeol and nodded. It wouldn't hurt to have someone walk you home right? It's a dangerous world out there. But what if he was one of those dangerous men? You had just met him but for some reason you felt more at peace than scared of him. You two had finally put your shoes back on as you headed to your apartment. The cold air making you rub your arms the friction warming you up a little. Chanyeol had noticed this as he placed his jacket around you. "No it's okay you need it too." You said as you took it off but he placed his hands on your shoulders stopping you from returning the jacket,"No it's fine the alcohol is keeping me warm." You giggled a little as you nodded and put your arms through the jacket. "Is that so?" He smiled innocently at you as he nodded. There was a silence for a while as you two approached the end of the street you notice him biting his lip as if though mustering up the courage to ask you something. "I know we just met but it's killing me. Who was that guy?" You looked down on your feet as you placed your hands in the pockets of the jacket. "Which guy?" "The small angry one." You laughed at his description of Yoongi,"He was my ex...he cheated on me with that girl you saw earlier." You felt your heart aching all over again. You knew you weren't over Yoongi and maybe seeing him again tonight made everything worse. Making your pathetic attempt of getting over him seem useless and in vain. Just the way your name rolled off his lips made you fall back into his arms if he asked you to. You felt the warm droplets of your tears stream down your face. "Why did he say he was going to pick up his things from your apartment?" You sniffled wiping away the tears as they come,"We just broke up a month ago. This party was supposed to be a distraction as my best friend calls it." You laughed as you emphasized on the word distraction. To your surprise Chanyeol stopped walking and cupped your cheeks as he used his thumbs to wipe away the tears that streamed down your face. "Don't waste these precious tears on a douche bag like him Y/N." You felt your heart beat racing. "Thanks Chanyeol..." He smiled as he grabbed one of your hands and held onto them as the two of you continued walking down the road to your apartment. When you two had finally arrived you smiled at Chanyeol,"Thanks for taking me here." When you were about to walk in Chanyeol grabbed your hand,"Wait. Can I get your number?" You smiled as you held out your hand as he gave a confused look,"Your phone?" He then smiled as he pulled out his phone from his back pocket while nodding,"Right." He said while placing his phone in your hands. You quickly dialed your number. Your phone started to ring as you held it up. "Just to let you know I'm not scamming you." He laughed. "Right. I never even thought of you giving me a fake number. But even if you did I'll find you." You laughed as you took off his jacket and handed it back to him. "Thanks...for tonight. You made my evening less boring." "Alright well I'll take you out on a date soon and you'll see how much more fun I can be." You laughed as you finally said your farewells and you walked into your apartment. You have never felt so happy since these past few weeks. You were glad you met Chanyeol tonight. You were glad that Nana had forced you to go to this party. As you were preparing yourself for bed you had received a text message: Unknown [12:05 am]: Goodnight Y/N...I know this may sound weird especially because we just met but I'm glad Jongdae ditched me. You [12:05 am]: Not weird at all I was def thinking the same thing. Well for me it's Nana not Jongdae lol but Goodnight Chanyeol! This lady needs her beauty sleep. You smiled as you closed your phone making sure that your alarm was on so you won't miss your class in the after noon. ⚜ House Of Disquietude Taglist ⚜ Queens/Kings; @geekywriterabby @Bangtanss @AimeeH @Lexxcisco @SkyBlast @Jaerinn @hskswife @MelissaGarza @SaraDarWish Royalty Family; @AbbyRoscoe @SugaKookieV @LemonLassie @SimplyAwkward @KenyaMendoza @SarahHibbs @EmilyCayetano @twistedPuppy @sarahdarwish If you want to be tagged/untagged please go ahead and ask in the comments below. 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