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I'll go with red!
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Red because he lost only one battle and that was to Gold. Ash lost so many battles and thats with pikachu help.
@AllieGrabowski don't make me go and pull a Natsu. Strength really has nothing to do with winning, Ash is stronger because of how much he cares for Pokemon. I can't say the same about Red.
You can if you want to @Dragonshaow but if we are talking about friendship Red been friends with his Pokemon longer the Ash has. In fact those six Pokemon have been with Red through out his whole journey of battling. Unlike Ash who keeps getting new teams every season. The only Pokemon he has the same is pikachu which can be easily be defeated but Reds. Even if he has these pokemon I can still tell ash will lose because of they're types. Red dont only attack with strength but also strategies as well. You can be best friends with you Pokemon but if you don't know what your doing, your going to lose.
red cause his loyal, ash has change everything except pikachu and his age
if I was playing Ash, I'd win.
the only thing that is going for Red, is the fact that his pokemon are a bit bigger than Ash's.