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Hey everyone! I'm here to tell you I'll be helping @AimeeH once again with Cross Gene! Thank you boo for the opportunity to help once again (LOVE YOOOOU *kiss*)
I will be supporting Shin bug on Wednesday! I am super excited to help out so let me tell you a bit about Shin
Real Name: Shin Won Ho /신원호 Stage Name: Shin Birthday: 10/23/1991 Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea Specialties: Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Model, Dancer Height: 6’1
Now I'll introduce myself!
You can call me Aster or Jiji, Vingle knows me as Jiji
I am 19 and my birthday is May 30th (I'll be 20 this year)
Currently HE but check back with my bio or ask if you want to know if that has changed
I am VIXX mod and I'm support for Twice and Pentagon as well as Cross Gene.
I have tons of favorite groups so feel free to ask about certain groups!
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Oh god keep him far away
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