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When you can't choose
we all know that it's plan hard to pick one of the goofballs. some of us already have a bias within BTS *cough* Jhope *cough* maybe multiple *cough again* Jimin* a bias wrecker*baby bunny kookie*. either way we still love the boys equally no matter what. however when you are bored and looking at websites to shop and do you stumble upon......
bookmarks which is perfect if your a book lover *raises hand shyly* though if you like anyone who has a hard time picking one of these boys you end up getting 7 bookmarks knowing you'll either use one or find a spot on your cluster of kpop wall for them.
I did get all 7 of them because that's how much these boys mean to me.
they may look small in the photos but they are either the same size of a book or bigger.

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