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Waddup doe!!!! Kim here hoping you all would help me celebrate Siwon's birthday!!!!!!!

But wait!!!! Didn't his birthday passed??????
Now I know you all are thinking that, but techanally, his birthday is actually April 7, 1986 (which means he's a 86 liner!!!!!!) and his family did not resigter his birth until Febuary 10, 1987. Who do you know that has two birthdays?????

I can't with you!!!!

How bout we get to know our prince of hand gestures

So we all know that Siwon loves skinship. I mean RALLY RALLY RALLY LOVES skinship. This video does not do it justice!!!!!!
I guess we can show our love for the birthday boy
Happy Birthday Siwon!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday 오빠! 💙💙