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Hello lovelies ♡ The beautiful @Starbell808 has asked me to be on her amazing team to help her out with our beautiful and amazingly talented guys.

I have been into Kpop for 5 years; in July. BEAST being my first group, When they released Beautiful Night. From that moment I KNEW I made a tactical error. They also led me too my Ultimate Group Cross Gene ❣
Speaking of the angels, I am Q2 mod for Cross Gene. I also help Support other communities as well. (I am mental. Once you figure out how many communities I'm in.. .) I just enjoy helping and the groups I am helping in, are some of my topps. ✤ You can Call Me Aimee, Aime, Aimz, Aims, AL. I will go by any of those. You can also call me Queeny Cross Genie. 100% okay with that one ❦ I love animals: Faves are Cockatoos, Dogs, Hedgehogs, otters and Duck Beavers ❦ I am 1000000000000% Cross Gene's Landfill & biggest trash depot. ❦ I've been into kpop for almost 5 years & into Jpop & Jrock since I was 15. ** Diaura, the Gazette, CLØWD, Fudanjuku, Gackt, Hyde, MoNoLith, Alice Nine, etc. ❦ I'm an INFJ personality. ❦ I'm very random, goofy & clumsy. ❦ I delve in photoshop and make edits

▪▪Ultimate Group▪▪ Cross Gene is my Ultimate Group and I will Probably always be complete and utter trash for them. There's no denying that I am their personal Landfill.

▪▪ Ultimate Biases ▪▪ ❦ It's true I have about less than a dozen UBs, but Seyoung and Sangmin come before them all. Their personalities completely and utterly won me over a long time ago. Sangmin being my very first UB.

☆If you ever want to win arguments against me, just dangle Sangmin & Seyoung in my face. ✧ If you ever want to crush my soul & heart, make me choose between them. But I will ask you to refrain, I don't feel like crying. . .

▪▪ Up10tion Biases and Who I'm going to represent ▪▪

Well I have the amazing honor to be bringing y'all



I believe I made a tactical error. I was so quick to express my love for him, but I also failed to remember that I was hiding from him. . . Since he's been gradually wrecking me and everything I stand for. . . So yay for the prominent death coming my way!


This little cutie right here is my precious wrecker. I have fallen victim to his wiles. ♡

If you would like to be added to the tag, PLEASE Leave a comment below ♡