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Hey so i was at school yesterday, like evry other day i suppose huh, however since spring break is soon we didnt really have much to do in class, and having nothing to do leads to me writing craziness...this is one of those bouts of crazy. soooo enjoy my loves.

Yoongi Put his finger ofver his mouth to signal to Hoseok to be quiet.

And how did Hoseok get himself into this position you might ask. Because he couldn't resist the urge to be a hoe. Him giving into his slut tendecies, ended up with Hoseok in the stair well area of the big hit entertainment company with none other thatn his fellow bandmate Yoongi.

Hoseok is in the middle of trying to stuff his dick back in his pants when Yoongi tells him to dress faster. "Dude its Jimin." You know note to self Hoseok, Never get hot and sexy in a staircase again. "Duck" Yoongi pushes Hoseoks head down.

so you might be wondering why we are being so extra with hiding. Let's just say Jimin has a talent for catching us in the act. And if we get caught again....its just gonna be a cluster fuck of a situation. Hoseok was praying to God that Jimin wouldn't find them,he wasn't gonna give up doing the nasty with Yoongi whenever he felt like it, ut he'd definitely promised not to make fun of Jimins height again. "Thank God he's leaving Namjoon just called him over." Hoseok looked up to see the orange headed boy leaving the water station and walking back towards namjoon.

Never Make Fun Of Jimins height again. check.

"This situation is going to leave a bad taste in my mouth." "Than how about i replace it with something else." "We legit couldve gotten caught by Jimin and yotu want to be - I can't believe you!"

"hey why did you pull your pants back up, we barely got started."

Oh my god, he's going to murder Min Yoongi.