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Hey Survivalists^^

Here is the next chapter for you all!

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Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~

Day 1 | Safe?

Mile by mile, we drove by what must have been hundreds of people. My father immediately decided that we should stay away from the main roads and I would say that was a smart move. Jimin's family and mine stuck to the side roads and besides the occasional brain-eating, and people screaming, it almost felt like a vacation. Almost.

"Where are we going dad?" I asked, not recognizing the roads we were taking. He glanced back in the mirror at me before answering.

"You will see when we get there sweetheart," He gave me a smile and I felt a little safer after that. My parents then started to talk to themselves and my sister was asleep in the back, leaving Jimin and I to ourselves. 

We were still holding hands, feeling like that we shouldn't let go. I looked over to see that he was looking out the window. I wondered what he was thinking about when I started to rub the top of his hand with my thumb. 

At the sudden movement, he glanced back over and noticed that I was staring at him. He laughed a little, noticing my concern for his well-being.

"I am okay, Avri. Really." He said, give my hand another little squeeze. "How are you holding up?" 

"Just...peachy." I said, taking a deep breath. "I mean we are all okay at least. That is what really matters." He nodded, seeming to agree with me. We both then heard his phone go off, making both of us jump a little. He reached into his pocket with his other hand and saw that he had multiple messages from someone.

"Who's that?" I asked, hoping whoever the hell it was is okay.

"My friend Taehyung. He just saw everything that was happening. Thankfully, he lives far away from the city at a farm so maybe he will be fine until they get this all figured out. He just wanted to see if my family and I were okay." He quickly texted him back and placed his phone in his lap. 

"Well like you said at least he is away from the city. Maybe if he is close to where we are going he can meet up with us?" I suggested, making Jimin laugh a little. I was taken back. "What?"

"Even in a time like this all you do is think of others Avri. You are too nice of a person." I started to grow red at his comment.

"Shut up." 

He lost it at that and suddenly the atmosphere was a little brighter than before. I couldn't help but a laugh a little along with him. 

"Okay guys, we are here." My dad suddenly called out, making Jimin and I turn our heads. I instantly recognized where we were.

"The family cabin?" Jimin asked.

"Yes son. It is far away from everything and we can at least stay here until everything calms down. Now as soon as I park, I want you all to help unload as quickly as you can, alright?" Jimin and I nodded, understanding that the faster we get inside, the better. I shook my younger sister, Bomi awake and told her it was time to wake up.

Jimin's family behind us, they pulled in next to our car and started to unload as well. With no zombie like things in sight, we hurriedly unpacked. I was in the first one in the cabin and I started to look around. It was exactly how I remembered it, smell and everything. 

It was a homey little cabin with a cute wooden fireplace in the living room with a tiny kitchen off to the side. There were two levels and all the bedrooms were upstairs. The cabin even had a cellar, which was filled with my parent's liquor I might add. They could be major party people sometimes.

I dropped the bag of food I was carrying and went to turn on a few lights so we could see. It was at this time that a sound came from the end of the living room. Startled, I backed up on reflex and reached to grab the closest weapon to me, a knife. 

Everyone else still outside getting everything, I slowly inched closer to the sound, knowing that if it was one of those things that getting it in the brain is how to kill it. Shaking more than I would like, I stopped when realizing what it was. I froze and lowered the knife.

At this time the rest of my family and Jimin's came in and stopped when seeing me stand still. 
"Avri?" Jimin came over and asked. "What is-"

A gun cocked, cutting him off. Out of the darkness came out the thing I was so shocked by.

He came into the light, revealing his dark brown hair and his skinny form. Behind him stood a girl roughly around his age. He looked over everyone of us, checking us out before finally speaking up.

"D-Don't make me shoot!" 

OMOOO. Who do you think the new people are?!

Hint: A famous kpop couple^^ 
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