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Hey everyone! Welcome to the first Wonpil day!!!

For the first post day let me introduce Wonpil to you (or reintroduce him to you for those who already know him!)

About Wonpil:

Birth Name: Kim Won Pil
Stage Name: Wonpil
Birth Date: April 28th, 1994 (So his bday is this month!!)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Blood Type: A
Height: 5'9"/176 cm
Other Facts:
-The other members have said he's the best at Aegyo within the group.
-He shares a room with Dowoon.
-Dowoon claims he's clingy.
-He almost debuted in a dance group with YoungK.
-He's the 4D member.
-He contributes a lot when writing songs.
-He's good friends with Jinyoung from Got7.
-He likes to collect action figures.

I'll see you next week!!!

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