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Hello everyone! Guess who's back? Me with more Moonbin, however this time instead of having MJ with us on fridays we have our lovely leader JinJin!!!

Thanks @DalyRomero for keeping me on the squad!!

By the end of this quarter I will have been support for the boys for a full year! I'm so excited to be able to continue supporting them!!!

Look forward to every friday because I'll be bringing you Bin/Jin days!! :)

About Me:

~My name is Erica. You can call me Erica or Cha. Either is fine!
~I am 21 years old, born in 1995.
~My favorite groups are VIXX, NCT, Pentagon, BTS, Astro, and I could literally go on forever...
~My ultimate bias is Cha Hakyeon/N from VIXX.
~My top five bias (in order from 1st-5th) are N (VIXX), Jinho (Pentagon), Wonpil (Day6), Moonbin, and Jimin (BTS.)
~I am also Mod support for Up10tion, VIXX, BAP, Pentagon, Monsta X, SF9, Victon, and Day6!

In Astro I bias Moonbin but literally the whole group wrecks me except for Sanha. Sanha is my son, my beautiful cute son! I haven't posted about JinJin yet so I'm super excited to have him joining Bin on fridays!!
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Nice to meet you!
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