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Hello everyone~ ♡ So this quarter, I will be a part of the Got7 Mod Team! I'm really excited, and I really would like to extend my thanks to @luna1171 for letting me be a part of the team~ ^^

I will be helping @YulaGyeom with representing our adorable maknae, Yugyeom, on Sundays!~ I will also be helping out with other members when I have time~
Some Information About Me:

• I'm Katt, and I'm from Missouri~

• I can only fluently speak English, but I'm learning German, Chinese, and Korean.

• My favorite groups are Block B, Got7, Pentagon, Astro, and Monsta X! (Though I love many, many more~)

• In addition to being Unofficial Mod Support for Got7 this quarter, I am also the Mod for Monsta X, Mod Support for Pentagon, Mod Support for SF9, and Mod Support for Block B!~

• Yugyeom is my ultimate bias~

• UB Wrecker is Sanha from Astro, hands down~

• I'm really passionate about dance~

• I have a dog and a cat who I adore with all of my heart~ I'm also getting a puppy sometime this Spring~

• My favorite TV show is iZombie~ ^^
I first got into Got7 because a video post showed up on my Tumblr dashboard which showed them being weirdos, and I immediately asked my friends to tell me about them.

It wasn't long before Yugyeom caught my eye. I remember noticing him in one of the videos my friend sent me. It was their jumpscare prank for Real Got7, and I remember laughing when he had almost no reaction. I've adored him ever since~ It took no longer than a week for him to shoot to number two on my bias list, eventually beating out my prior UB. ♡♡♡

That's all I can think to say~ So I'll end it here~ I'm super excited for this quarter! I'll see you Sunday!~

Thanks so much again to the Mod for letting me help out~~ ❤

IGOT7 TEAM & Community Supporters:
Markie Pooh Mondays ➡@luna1171
Wild & Sexy Tuesdays ➡@MelissaGarza
BaeBum Wednesdays➡@LiyahBoon
Jinyoung Thursdays ➡@VeronicaArtino
Youngjae Phenomenal Fridays   ➡
DabDab With BamBam Saturdays ➡ @jjrockstar &   @twistedPuppy
Gyeomie's  Sundays➡@YulaGyeom

IGOT7s Taglist:

If you would like to be added or removed from the taglist, let me know in the comments!~

Note: None of the photos are mine, so credit goes to the owners~ ^^ Credit for the photos goes to the lovely fansites so took them~
DAEBACK!!😆👌👍Welcome aboard..and Thanks for your warm introduction ..
Thanks so much ❤❤❤ I'm happy to have the opportunity to help out!~ 😊