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Welcome Babyz to my first Bbang Day ♡♡♡♡ So glad to be able to cover my ultimate bias ♡
But let's take this week to get to know our amazing Leader ^_^
First off he is the most deadly person on the planet for many fan girls, but also the most humble caring person ever ♡.

Now onto what you need to know about our bangster:
Real Name: Bang Yongguk (방용국) Nickname: Bbang Birthdate: March 31st, 1990 Height: 180cm Weight: 60kg Blood Type: O Hometown: Incheon Family: Parents, Older Sister, Older Brother Position: Leader, Main Rapper Bunny Color: Red Education: Gaewoong Elementary & Middle School, Yoohan High School, Kyunghee Cyber University Hobbies: Playing alone, Exercise, Basketball, Baseball Skills: Rap, Writing lyrics, Composing Personality: Blunt Role Model: 1TYM TEDDY, His grandfather Usual Fashion Style: Street Hip Hop Frequent Habit: Thinking of rhyme, Writing or recording his thoughts Favorite Food: Seafood (Sushi, Sashimi) Favorite Type of Music: Hip Hop, Soul Favorite Color: Red, Black Favorite Movie: “Constantine” Favorite Number: 0 Motto: “Do what you like and love what you do.” B.A.P to you is? “Innocence. Although I’m at the age where I lost my innocence, I feel like it gets restored when I’m together with them. When I need innocence, I go to the members.

He has a tattoo on his back that says “Do what u like and luv What u do” , one on his right bicep that says “Make Art Not War", anotheron his chest that says “Viva La Revolución” and a drawing of John Lennon on his left inner elbow. He started doing music in his 3rd year of middle school. He went to Yuhan Technical High School and got offered a scholarship for college, which he did not attend. He participated in writing all the songs from B.A.P’s albums, as well as his debut single “I Remember”. The first song he ever composed was “Voicemail” from their first mini album “NO MERCY”. He’s been writing lyrics ever since he was young, so writing lyrics is something that’s very important to him. He’s the happiest when he writes his story and releases an album with those lyrics. He’s really serious and determined but full of charisma when he’s on stage. He has an identical twin and even the way they talk is alike. His brother’s name is Yongnam. When he was younger he had no toys to play with. He didn’t have much friends either, only his brother and his Tigger. His parents didn’t want him to do music, so in order to gain their approval, he started studying every day until he eventually ranked first in the entire school when he was in high school. When he was younger he wanted to become a detective in the crime violence department. If he could be born again, he’d like to be born as an African-American and do music. If he could have a supernatural power it would be invisibility. Because everything they do is under the public’s eye, he says he wants to sometimes live without anyone knowing. He learned how to speak really late. He couldn’t speak until he was 5 so his family thought he was mute. His ideal type is a woman with morals. He thinks it’s nice to see someone help an elder grandma or grandpa on the street despite not having a pretty face. Whether it’s someone who picks up the trash or someone who’s formal that’s truly from their heart, he thinks seeing that is truly beautiful. He says he has trouble talking to women, so his confidence level would go down if he dates. His personal goal is to become an artist who has various sides to him musically. Because the music category for idols is really narrow, there are many times where it doesn’t fulfill his wants, so another of his goals is to produce an entire album with his ideal songs. To him, money and rankings aren’t important to music. He likes the word ‘prove’ because he’s the type to grit his teeth and win in the end. He sleeps with dolls on his bed. As said by Youngjae, Yongguk only gets close to people he’s interested in. He’s the closest to Himchan because they’ve lived in a dorm longer together and they’re the same age, so they tend to talk more. He used to dislike everything but hip hop but now love all music genres. His childhood hero when he was small were “Dooly the Little Dinosaur” and “TaekwonV”. Since he bought a electric phonograph, he’s starting to collect LPs.
And remember to check us out every Friday to see even more Bang Yongguk ♡♡♡

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