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o n e t w o "Why do you keep looking at your phone?" You looked up at Nana,"Sorry I'm just waiting on a text." Nana's smile widened as she playfully hit your shoulder, "From Chanyeol~?" You rolled your eyes shaking your head,"Shut up it's not like that. I just think he's a nice guy." "Why are you so scared to admit you are interested in him. It's not like you're dating anyone anymore." You bit your lips her words stung but she was right. Sure you still had loved Yoongi but he obviously doesn't care about you anymore. "I'm scared not because of Yoongi, Nana I'm scared that I'll get hurt again. What if he doesn't like me as much as I thought he does. What if I get the short end of the stick again...I don't think I can handle another heartache like the last." Nana then held your hands and squeezed them,"You can't always be like this. You have to give chances." You looked down and nodded,"You're right. I can't just go around assuming that every guy is like Yoongi." The both of you then smiled as Nana grunted,"Now please help me with this problem. It doesn't make sense." You rolled your eyes as you looked at the problem carefully explaining everything she needed to know to understand the problem. "Woah you should just be a teacher Y/N." You shook your head,"No thanks I'd rather dress people up then teach the quadratic formula for the rest of my fucking life." You smiled taking a sip of your coffee as you heard a familiar voice coming up from behind Nana,"Y/N?" You looked up to find Chanyeol as you started to choke on your coffee. You coughed as Nana and Chanyeol laughed at you. "Chanyeol...sorry it went down the wrong pipe." He smiled,"I thought my smile was so charming you were shocked," You laughed,"Shut up." He smiled taking a seat in front of you. "What are you doing here?" "My friend Jongdae and I went to get some coffee he was ordering them when I saw you." Nana then smiled as if she was planning something,"She's been waiting for your text all morning you know." You then kicked her from under the table making her yelp in pain,"Was not. I was waiting for a text from my brother. He's auditioning for a company today." "Oh really me too! Jongdae and I just finished our audition that's why I couldn't text you." You slowly nodded relieved that he wasn't avoiding you. Or that he wasn't just trying to get into your pants. "Yeol!" You noticed Nana flinch from her seat as she turned her head,"It's you." Jongdae then gave a sly smile. "Nana right?" She smiled,"Kim Jongdae...wow..." "No way the Jongdae that ditched you was the target of the friend that ditched me that night." Nana looked at you rolling her eyes,"Target? He came up to me babe. I was sincerely going to stay with you that night but that smile just pulled me in." Jongdae then gave Chanyeol his drink as he sat down next to Nana,"So what are  you two ladies doing here alone." "Math homework." Jongdae slowly nodded,"You didn't catch me as a studious type." Nana laughed,"I'm not but I have my best friend to keep me in line. Oh and the promise of graduating." You looked up smiling,"You welcome baby and I don't want to cross the stage alone you know." You said as you made kissy faces. The four of you laughed as you looked down at your phone still waiting for your brother's text,"So what company did you audition for?" "SM." "No way my brother did too maybe you saw him. His name is Byun Baekhyun!" You smiled as you drank your coffee. "Oh I saw him! His voice was so beautiful. Him and Jongdae was in perfect harmonization." You smiled,"I'm glad. My brother can be annoying sometimes but if you do end up in the same group please take care of him." The boys gave you a sweet smile as they nodded,"Of course!" The four of you continued to have a conversation about the party. "Wait so you and Nana didn't end up sleeping together that night?" "Why do you sound surprised?" You shrugged,"No reason just you always kind of went for it in these situations. Especially if a smile pulled you in." You teased as you lightly shoved her arm. She scoffed rolling her eyes at you,"I don't feel that way about Jongdae...he's different." She then gave him the most infatuated smile I have ever seen on her face, or on anyone's face actually. Unless you counted Jongdae's infatuated smile. "And you saw Yoongi and Hyeri that night. Sorry I promised I was going to be--" "It's fine, Chanyeol was there at least. If I was alone. I don't know what would have happened." Chanyeol gave you the softest smile you can ever lay your eyes on when from behind him you notice a familiar figure,"Baekhyun!!" He turned his head to you,"Y/N! There you are." He ran up to your table and looked at Chanyeol and Jongdae,"Hey wow what a small world you guys know my little sister." Chanyeol nodded,"Well we only met last night but I'd love to know her more." Baekhyun looked at Chanyeol as he smiled at you making you look down and smiling like a dork,"She just got out of a relationship but I hope I can trust you." Chanyeol nodded,"I'll take care of her don't worry." You rolled your eyes as you hit Baekhyun on the arm playfully,"Why are you acting like you're marrying me off?" He laughed,"Was that not the plan?" Nana and the others burst out laughing especially as soon as Chanyeol had gotten so red to the point that even his ears were red. You shook your head taking a sip as you watched Chanyeol. His smile was beautiful and whenever he was around it made you forget. It made you happy. Maybe he's all that you needed to be happy again. Maybe the key to forgetting Min Yoongi was sitting infront of you. ⚜ House Of Disquietude Taglist ⚜ Queens/Kings; @geekywriterabby @Bangtanss @AimeeH @Lexxcisco @SkyBlast @Jaerinn @hskswife @MelissaGarza @SaraDarWish Royalty Family; @AbbyRoscoe @SugaKookieV @LemonLassie @SimplyAwkward @KenyaMendoza @SarahHibbs @EmilyCayetano @twistedPuppy @sarahdarwish If you want to be tagged/untagged please go ahead and ask in the comments below. 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Awwwww!! they're so cute together! I love thisπŸ’œ
oh man please don't make yoongi make a scene..its going to suck 😣😣...Having chanyeol notice me is so nice πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Please tag me this is so good~
of course!!
reading this while in the ✈ plane and a silly grin on my face πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ can't wait for the next chapter
😊😊😊 have a safe flight!!
I hope they get together!! But something tells me Yoongi won't let her go so easy 😭😑
i know yoongi got to go
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