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You open the door to see Jaejoong standing there with a couple bags of groceries.
“Hey,” he runs his hand through his hair, “Mind if I come in? I thought we could make dinner.” He raises the bags to show you with a hopeful look on his face.
You move aside to let him enter, only to turn and see him facing his brothers. Yoochun and Junsu are now standing.
“Hyung what are you doing here?”
“I could ask you guys the same thing.” He glances down at their bags, “You haven’t been home yet?”
“We came straight here,” Yoochun steps forward, “we were worried about her. What’s with the groceries?”
“I came to apologize and cook her dinner. You guys aren’t staying right?” He looks at them each, trying to get across his message that he wants them to leave.
Taking the hint the guys pick up their bags, and smack him on the arm as they pass. Junsu leans over and whispers, “Good luck Hyung. I think you have your work cut out for you.”
As they head to the door they both lean towards you, “If you need ANYTHING at all, text us okay?”
You smile and nod, impulsively reaching out and giving them hugs.
As you turn back, Jaejoong is watching with a weird look on his face. Seeing you look, he pops a smile and heads into the kitchen.
“I thought I’d make you a dish my mom taught me. It’s a comfort food, but it isn’t written down anywhere. You could always write it down as I make it, if you want to add it to your article.”
Nodding, you grab a pen and notepad, sitting down at the counter. As you make a list of the ingredients, he washes up and starts chopping. Without looking at you he begins to speak.
“I’m sorry my kiss made you uncomfortable.” His voice gets quieter, “I was jealous”.
You aren't sure you heard him correctly and stop writing. Looking up quickly you then look back down as he glances up.
You quickly start writing again, “I don’t think I heard that right. There’s no reason for you to be jealous of your brothers, we’re all just friends. All of us.”
He stops chopping, “You’ve never touched me like that.”
Your head shoots up, “Touched you? We’ve touched tons of times, what are you talking about?”
He points at the door with the knife, “That. When they left. You’ve never hugged me or acted that way with me. Why? Why do you treat me differently?”
You swallow and look back down. He reaches over the counter and lifts your head back up and whispers, “Why?”
Staring him straight in the eye, you have no choice but to tell him the truth.
“I didn’t think you wanted me to. You always instigate everything; I’m never sure what’s appropriate and what’s not.”
“And you are with them?" You looks angry and confused, "You’ve known them less time than me.”
“It just feels different with you, I can’t read you. I can them.”
He puts the knife down and comes around the counter. Grabbing your shoulders he turns you, “You can’t read me. So that’s the problem? I just thought you were oblivious.”
You scrunch your brow, “Oblivious? To what?”
“To the fact I like you. More than as a friend. Why do you think I text and call all the time? Why do you think I make up excuses to come around or have you around?”
“Because we’re friends.”
He shakes his head and smiles, “No silly. You can read everyone except me, because it concerns you.”
You shake your head, “Possible I guess. I still don't get why you were jealous.”
His thumb begins to stroke your cheek. “They had their hands on you. I didn’t think it would bother me. That’s why I offered to teach you to float.” His grin turns into a full blown smile, “I thought I got the best deal. Less clothes, more skin touching, being able to hold you.”
Your heart has begun to beat so fast you’re sure he can hear it in the silence. Not only are his words unbelievable and spellbinding but his thumb has ramped up your hormones, you know you’re in trouble.
“I still don’t get it, why do I interest you?”
“First,” he says as his hands move to lift your chin, “I’ll show you”.
You watch in fascination as his head lowers and gets closer to yours. At an inch apart you close your eyes and suddenly feel the warmth of his lips on yours. The same tingling you felt earlier in the week is there but this kiss isn’t rushed. It's soft, sweet, inviting, and asking.
As you pull apart, he tucks a piece of hair behind your ear. “I’ve lost count but it doesn’t matter. Why you? Because you’re you. Kind, gentle, giving, beautiful on the inside and out, without knowing it. Want me to go on?”
You start to blush. Biting your lip you shake your head no. He lifts your face back to his.
“It’s just still unreal to me. No one has ever…”
“I’m not everyone, stop comparing me. I actually appreciate what’s in front of me and am willing to act on it. All those other guys were idiots.”
As you start to argue, he covers your mouth with his finger and shakes his head no.
“Shhh…there isn’t an argument you can give me. I’m in charge of my feelings, no one else. You take care of you.”
With that he replaces his finger with his lips. This kiss is more stirring, more demanding of an answer, with this kiss he is no longer asking. As your arms reach up to encircle his neck, his hands drop to your waist to pull you closer.
When he lifts his mouth for air, you whisper “The food…”.
“What food? I never really started it.”

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