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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Simon

What to do when you fall for someone that is already with another. They're even planning to marry their partner. Yet the moment you two meet its like fate screaming, but none of you listen to it until D - Day forces you both to play your hands.

~(Simon POV)~


Nothing seems real any more to me. Tomorrow evening I will be a married man. Dava made it clean that she would never be with me, as long as I am blind to Kami. But its not as easy as everyone thinks. I want to believe Kami will return to the woman I fell in love with here.

Its why I am here in Maimi, Florida with my family, but none of my friends. They told me they couldn't be here to support me in this marriage. None of them believe I was good enough for Kami. She wasn't always so ... I don't even know what she has turn into over these years. I was trying on my suit trying to imagine Kami and I at the alter.

All I could see though was Dava in an all write wedding dress. I just shook my head, when a knock came at my door. My mother peeked her head in and smiled. "My baby!" She came into the room, as I greeted her with a smile.

"You look so handsome, its unbelievable."

She came over to me, and fixed my jacket a bit, before touching my face. "It breaks my heart knowing your own friends wouldn't even support you on your wedding day, even after you support them in everything else." I sighed heavily, since I protected my mother from the woman Kami has become. I just looked away and looked myself over in the mirror. "They have their reason and I respect that."

My mother just pouted and shook her head. "What, you're going to tell me its work related?" I didn't answer her as I just hung my head in shame. Why was I still going through with all of this. Another knock on the door, to only see my brother Ki-hoon was in the door frame.

"Hey umma, may I please borrow Kiseok hyung please."

I raised an eyebrow, before going with my brother somewhere. I knew we were close when he place a finger over his lips. We could hear Kami's family cheering and watching the soccer game between Brazil and Spain on the tv. I heard something else though mixing in with their cheering. I knew it very well too, because I used to make that woman scream like that in the pass.

I looked at my brother as he seem to noticed I realized what he wanted to show me. I walked into the living room, whilst losing up my tight. I earn everyone's attention when I walked through their line of vision to the television. They all shouted at me, as I open the door to the bathroom, exposing Kami fucking her brother's best friend to the whole room. Everyone went quiet as Kami and I locked eyes.


I just shook my head and laughed, before walking away. My mother and father were standing in the hallway with my brother, as they looked shocked and disgusted. "Ki-Hoon -ah, call the near hotel, and get us a family room." I handed him my black card, before turning to my parents. "Appa, please inform the family the wedding is off, while umma, you make sure their all packed please."


I turn around to only be slapped by Kami. "How dare you embarrass me like that in front of my own family!" I just clicked my tongue against my teeth as I glared at her. "I'm the one that should be saying that to you. Don't you dare try turning this on me, because I wasn't the one that fucking my brother's best friend in the bathroom!"

She just stood there in shock and hurt by my words. "I really am a blind ass fool for not listening to my crew when they play those recordings of you trying to get them to sleep with you. We're through, I deserve way better than this." I waved my hand at her, before she try to talk. She didn't though the moment we heard a woman giggling in the hallway.

We all turn to look and see Jay and Chase with Dava and Adina, with Kami's' mother. Adina was the one laughing, or at the very least trying to hold back from laughing. "Well saved me from trying to stop you from marrying her." I blinked at Dava as she smirked. "Oh? You were coming to stop me?"

She nodded her head before walking over to me. "Cause if there anyone in this world you need to marry.... its me." Her smirk turn into a smile, once she stood before me. I couldn't help but smile, until Kami went for Dava. Kami stop dead in her track the moment Dava pulled a gun out from the back of her pants. She pointed it right at Kami's head, while her smile faded away.

"Largate de mi vista maltida perra."

Dava spoke Spanish to Kami in front of her family. "I'm not one you should be trying to pick a fight with. Especially since I'm pregnant." My heart felt like it stopped when Dava said she was pregnant.

Was it mine?

Is that what made her change her mind and actually want me by her side?

Wait a fucking a minute....


~(Dava POV)~


I hadn't been feeling good since I had gotten home from that disaster of a bachelor party. So I decided to go to the hospital. As I wanted for the doctor to see me, I realized I actually was due for my period. I looked on my tracker for it on my phone, and noticed I was suppose to be on it at this very moment. I was five dates late as well.

I then review all the signs that were making me think I was sick. The moment the doctor came into the room, I begged her to give me a pregnancy test. She seem startled by my request but didn't hesitate to grant it. I had called Adina and told her I was in the hospital and wanted her here as soon as possible. She was all the way in Seoul though.

So when I was getting ready to leave the hospital with the envelope of my results, She had came running in. She was panting heavily and glaring at me like she was ready to kill me. "You're fucking okay! So why did I have to take a fucking train from Seoul, to come see you at the damn hospital?"

I handed her the envelope, since I couldn't bring myself to actually look at it myself. She yanked it out my hand, to only rip it open and start to read the papers. Adina's expression went from angry to a joyful shock. She cover her mouth with her hand, and looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

"Who's the father?"

My heart dropped the moment she said the words, as I felt myself become light headed. Adina noticed instantly and help me sit down in the lobby waiting chairs with her. I was panting from the shock as I realized the who the father was of my soon to be child. My vision blurred as I noticed a man come and join Adina and me.

"What's wrong with Dava?"

I realized by the voice the man was Seonghwa, as Adina was rubbing my back to calm me down. "Dava just found out she's pregnant... When I asked who the father was, she started having a panic attack." I looked up and did my best to see Seonghwa through my blurred vision. He just looked at me shocked as it seem to have clicked in his mind.

"The father's Simon hyung... isn't it?"

Adina looked at me in shocked, while I nodded my head. "Oh my stress... I won't tell him, because that means after he marries Kami. She's going to be your child's step-mother." I started hyperventilating again at the idea of that bitch becoming my child's step-mother. "Whoa ... breathe Dava... breathe."

Seonghwa pulled out his phone, as he made a call to someone. He then came to crouch down in front of me. "Do you even Love Simon hyung?" I made eye contact with Seonghwa, and saw that he was being serious. "Yes I do... he should be here with me, not her. He made his choice though."

Seonghwa smiled as it seem the person on the other-side of the line finally picked up. "Jay... book four tickets for you, Chase, Adina and Dava to go to Miami. There is a wedding that you all need to stop. Especially if you don't want Kami to be the step-mother to you're future nephew."

I looked up at Adina, as she nodded her head. "Lets go get you're bags packed." I nodded my head before getting up to go with Adina, and Seonghwa to my place.

Seonghwa plan was what I needed to calm myself down.

I was going to get my man... even if it meant having to bring secuity protect with me.

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damn once a hoe always a hoe and on ur wedding day really
shit is about to go down!! 😁😁
LETS BE REAL!!! Simon should have fucked her up... then adina and let dava have the end since she pregnant... I'm just saying Lmaoo I.... but damn good
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its the night before their wedding and @ kami family home
OK Madam!! Gather that bitch together!! Fucking in the church girl??? really?? fucking snake.
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ah! ok. at the house. But her momma and family are all there. Why would you be doing all that in the next room from where everyone is?!?! She's still a snake.
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