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Happy Friday! I am back again bringing you another intro card! This time I will be introducing myself as a support for WINNER. *cue excited jumping* This will be my 3rd time as a support. Last quarter I was asked to fill in and cover Jinwoo for the reminder of the quarter but this quarter I get to once again cover Jinwoo! Thank you so much @WinKonVIP for calling on me once again to be apart of this wonderful community with all the girls! So I will be on Saturday posting all about the cutie Jinwoo! 😄So I look forward to spending Saturday's with Jinwoo and you all...Seunghoon don't be mad. You're in good hands.😅
So a little about me: I go by Brittany or Brit. I'm 27 years old. I've been into kpop since late 2010 early 2011. I got into WINNER during WIN, same with iKon. It was so hard to decide who was my bias at first because I kept bouncing back and forth between Seunghoon and Seungyoon so bad but finally Seunghoon took over and has had a firm grip on me ever since. I'm telling ya that boys got his claws in deep. I am the mod this quarter for Victon and am also a support for VIXX, iKon, Day6, K-Drama, KNK, Pentagon and 24K. So be sure to hang with me there as well!
Those shoulder pads tho....this isn't the 90's anymore😂
Kim Jinwoo...can you please not do this and wreck my list?
...okay then.... You are quickly moving into that bias wrecker position boy...😩 I am looking forward to Q2 with everyone! Let's make it great! If you would like to be tagged or untagged in all future cards comment down below.
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so happy to have you on the team again!! ❤
Let's have fun!