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Hello, my name is Suk-kyong, but everyone calls me Suki. I have the pleasure of doing HoJoon Thursday, thank you to @MelissaGarza for asking me to join and to @OppasManBun for letting me join the team.
A little about me:
*I am from Seoul, Korea and moved to the states when I was younger.
*I have 4 children, which I am very proud of.
*I love K-pop and k-dramas, it has become a big part of my life. I listen to K-pop in the car at work, at home, any where I can.
*I am teaching my children to write and read Korean. It has been a challenge, but they are getting it. I have them watch K-dramas and tell me what they are saying, they are my subtitles. LOL!
*I am also on the support mod for BEAST, so please join me there also.
Look at how HoJoon can be suave and cute all at the same time. I will bring you this cutie on Thursdays! I hope that you will join me and get to know this cutie from Topp Dogg.
!!!!Remember HoJoon Thursday!!!!
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