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Our fellow Vingler... and my dear friend... @amber171997's grandmother passed away today. Please show her your love and make her a card ♡ Tag me and I'll add it to the collection ♡


I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved and looked up to your grandma. There will never be a day that you won't remember her laugh, her smile, or her loving touch.

I know right now the memories hurt to much to think about, but it hurts bc the love you had for her was real.

Just know that I will always be here when you need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to share the memories with.

Love you my kpop sister! Take good care of yourself, and call me if you need me! I will always be there!

♡~ Shaila

Now bc I know how much you love these boys...

Jungkook and Yugyeom Spam

~☆JJP Shake it Crew☆~

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)

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Thank you so much💖💖 Love you Shaila