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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Simon

What to do when you fall for someone that is already with another. They're even planning to marry their partner. Yet the moment you two meet its like fate screaming, but none of you listen to it until D - Day forces you both to play your hands.

~(Dava POV)~

I was in the car with Jay driving, Chase in the shot gun, and Adina helping me control my breathing. The doctor wasn't happy that I was traveling so suddenly, and having panic attacks. "Dava you need to calm down... what's triggering this panic attack now?"

She was trying to get me to look at her, as she spoke softly. Allow the radio to be louder than her. "Is it because were going to Kami's family house?" I nodded my head, as I noticed we had enter a ghetto area of the suburbs. There were girls barely wearing anything talking to guys that looked like they wanted to be in a hiphop music video.

You could see their guns shining under the street light. "Stop the car!" Jay pulled over as I took out my wallet, and ran out the car. "Dava!" I ran over to the thug-ish looking guys, and the slutty girls. They all gave me dirty looks as I looked down at the gun.

"I will give one thousand dollars for that gun."

I took out the money from my wallet, and held it out to the young man. The guys looked confused as the girls looked at me like I was crazy. "Are you being fucking serious? Its loaded baby girl." I just pulled out an extra two hundred and held it out to him.

"Count it..."

The young man smirked, as he took the money and started to count it. "Damn this woman being serious." The guy handed over the gun and pointed out the safety towards me. "its locked right now, as long as this is on little mama." I smiled at him before lifting my shirt to hide it against my back.

"Little mama? Oh sweetie you have no idea." I patted my stomach as they guys step back to look at me shocked. "Whoa, where are you going that a expecting mama needs a gun." Adina came running up behind me as she scream my name.

"Its just to calm my nerves. I have to face the devil tonight to get what belongs to me."

They boys smiled, before I turn around to go back to Adina. "Don't tell me you just fucking bought a gun." She looked at me shocked as I looked away and went back to the car. "Yah!" I didn't answer her, which our way of confirming that I did. Jay and Chase asked why we stopped, and Adina lied that I wanted to smoke, but the boys didn't have any.

Luckily the boys didn't see me buying the gun. Jay soon enough pulled up to the Kami's house as I just stared at the door. "You ladies ready?" I took a deep breath, and lightly touched the gun, before I got out of the car with Adina. The boys follow behind.

Chase was the one to knock on the door, as a woman that appear to look like the older version of Kami. Just she was a bit more classier. "Hola, we're friends of Simon. We came to join the wedding party on his side." She looked at us surprised, but still smiled wide for our arrival.

I turn to look at Adina as she patted my head. I took a deep breath, as we walked into the house with whom I was assuming was Kami's mother. "Appa, please inform the family the wedding is off, while umma, you make sure their all packed please." I looked up from the floor the moment I heard Simon's voice. It was like music to my ear. He was standing there in a tux, with the tie loose around his next.

The image of him waiting for me at the alter came to my mine, and I felt the water works threatening to start. My heart was aching at the idea of him marrying her. Kami appear after calling out Simon's name, getting his attention. She slapped Simon across the face, she looked like she just got done having sex.

"How dare you embarrass me like that in front of my own family!"

I looked at Jay as he seem surprised about this a well. "I'm the one that should be saying that to you. Don't you dare try turning this on me, because I wasn't the one that fucking my brother's best friend in the bathroom!" Adina cover her mouth to hold back from laughing. Chase and Jay looked at each other and just shook their heads.

"I really am a blind ass fool for not listening to my crew when they play those recordings of you trying to get them to sleep with you. We're through, I deserve way better than this."

Simon waved his hand towards Kami as a gesture, and she was about to stay something. Adina couldn't hold in her laugh anymore and just let it slip out her mouth. They all looked over at us, as Simon looked at me a bit surprised. We made full eye contact, as I could see the joy appear in his deep chocolate brown eyes. It was giving me the strength and confidences I needed to talk to him.

"Well saved me from trying to stop you from marrying her."

I smirked as Simon tilted his head to the side a bit. "Oh? You were coming to stop me?" I nodded my head to answer as I made my way over to him. "Cause if there anyone in this world you need to marry.... its me." I pointed to myself as he moved closer towards me. It was as if gravity was demanding that we be together.

I couldn't help but smile at him once we were standing in front of each other, and getting lost in each other's eyes. My comfort didn't last long, as I saw Kami growling at the corner of my eye before trying to come at me. My hand moved instinctively, as I pulled out the gun I bought, and pointed it straight at her head.

"Largate de mi vista maltida perra."

Kami face went blank, as she turn as white as a ghost. "I'm not one you should be trying to pick a fight with. Especially since I'm pregnant." Kami looked over at me in horror, as I turn to face her fully.

"Seriously, I feel bad for your family. You are one terrible sister and daughter. You disrespect your brother by fucking his best friend, while they watch the game, and disrespect your parents by doing it under their roof. While miss leading everyone that you are making this man out love. Ssaki gold digger."

I moved the gun back to my side, before interlocking my fingers with Simon's hand. I turn to look at him, and saw he was in total shock. "You do deserve better. If you let me, I will treat you like the king you truly are... while praying the baby is a girl."

Simon blinked before pulling me into his arms, and crushing his lips against my own. The way he deepen the kiss though was as if his entire being was starving. He pulled away, breaking the kiss, to rest his head on my forehead. "Tomorrow, you best meet me at that alter." I couldn't help but smile at his words, before kissing his lips.

I saw Kami come at me again, this time she had something in her hand, but she stopped. Because her own mother slapped her across the face, before beating her with a belt. All you heard was Kami crying out in pain, as her mother cussed her out in Spanish. She was calling her daughter a slut, whore, disgrace, and saying she raised her better than to dare hit a pregnant woman. I turned to the man that looked to me her father.

He raised an eyebrow at me, as I handed the gun over to him. "I'm sorry for disrespecting your home by bring this to your own. I am very impressed though to see that you and your lovely wife still follow the old school ways." He took the gun from me, before patting my head. "I wished Kami follow the path you took. You're so respectful and polite, even though you brought a gun into my house."

I smiled warmly as Jay, and Chase help Simon and his family pack. I waited outside in the car with Adina, until we all headed out of the house.

I had convinced Simon to actually wait a bit longer, so that we all could just go back home to South Korea. So all our family could attend our wedding. My father was nice enough to let us use the hall in his hotel, for our wedding ceremony. Allow me to even find the perfect dress as well. We had actually ended up waiting a few months, so I could plan it out properly.

I had enter my second trimester of my pregnancy, and was showing now. I had gotten news today actually that made my day even more brighter. I had the doctor only tell me though, so I could surprise Simon. My father was waiting for me at the door, as he smiled warmly at me. "I've been wondering when this day would come."

I couldn't help but smile at him, as I took his arm in my hands. "You look just as beautiful as your mother on our wedding day." I rest my head on my father's shoulder, as he patted my arms. "You ready to start your new life?" I nodded my head, before the doors was opening.

Both our entire families and friends were here. Even Adina's family was here, since our families were that close to each other. Simon was waiting at the end of the alter, as he seem awe struck. I smiled warmly at him, as we started to descend down the ideal. Simon held out his hand, which I took in seconds.

It was hard to not run into his arms that second. We stood before each other as held each other's hands. "Before we start, the bride has seem to prepare vows for the groom." Simon arched an eyebrow as he looked from the minister, then at me. I took his hand and place it on my growing belly.

"My wedding vow is actually news I got from the doctor today. Its news of something you wanted to hear?"

Simon blinked and looked me over before his eyes widen and the joy lit up his face. "ITS A GIRL!?" I giggled, as he pulled me into his arms, and kissed me so passionately, it tasted like candy. "Fuck all of this, can I just take you on our honeymoon now!?" I pulled away and slapped his hand.

"Respect our family mister, give them this then we can run away."

He nodded his head, and kissed my hands. Simon was a sweet puppy that just got a bone.

Man I feel bless to have started a family with Simon

And to finally be his wife as he was my hubby.

Comments forever welcome, You're reactions help me stay motivated and inspired. You'll be surprised how movating it is. =^-^=
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