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Lol OK so I've been away for a while squaring away some personal biz but luckily everything didn't go to the dogs while I was away and if it did and others helped in fixing that, THANKS! I appreciate it and if you ever see something be sure to report it or message me.
I'm going to make some cards soon some Bleach facts some quotes and with my personal biz squared and done maybe even some giveaways in the future >.> Bleach themed obviously if that rubs you wrong mi apologies I'll try to get other stuff but it'll primarily be Bleach themed :3
So yeah Sorry for being gone for a while but that's done and now all that's left is the future :D

and super apology to @Katt~ of the Monsta X community I haven't been able to tackle that list you gave me xD I'll finish it tonight though promise :3