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Hello everyone! I am happy to say I am able to be apart of the Boys Republic mod support again. Thank you again @MelissaGarza for allowing me to be apart of your team!
So for starters My name is Joseline and I will be in charge of Boys Republic Saturday! In addition I will continue to have my 'Royal Ballads' on Saturday biweekly. It's official Kpop has just drowned me with gorgeous guys *cries* πŸ˜­πŸ’• Just a little about me - I'm 15 and from California -I like the colors red, black, brown, grey, white and blue -I like do dance (I'm not really good lol) - I like my bed more than anything - Anime is a must in my life -
Alrighty enough about me cause we got better people to talk about. Anyway, once again thank you @MelissaGarza for letting me be apart of your team!
Thank you so staying with me. Love you ❀
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Love you too!πŸ’•
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Nice to meet you.
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