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o n e t w o t h r e e 1 Year Later You looked at Nana who sat comfortably on your couch as she reached for some popcorn that was placed on the side table as she leaned back on her new boyfriend as you came out of the bathroom your hair still wet from your quick shower. "Are you guys even paying attention?" Chanyeol said bitterly. "Are you jealous? Why not just make a move and make Y/N yours already." Jongdae said as he kissed Nana. Nana shook her head,"Not with her. You have to move slowly. You know how long it took for her and Yoongi to finally start dating." "Not that long. She's overreacting. And stop talking like I'm not here." You spit back as you sat down next to Chanyeol throwing a pillow at her that Jongdae hit back 'protecting' Nana. "Really 2 years. Y/N. 2 years." You shrugged,"That's normal right? For a healthy relationship." "So I have to wait 2 years for you to finally become my girlfriend?" You laughed a little at Chanyeol's remark,"No that was just how long it took for me to muster up the courage to ask him out." You never realized until now but you've always done the chasing. You were always the one who asked whether he wanted to go on a date. You even initiated the kiss. Maybe you just wanted to pretend as if though he loved you to."Besides I've changed you kno--" Your movie night was suddenly interrupted by a loud knock on the door. You and Nana threw puzzled looks at one another,"What the?" You got up from your seat when Nana grabbed your hand. "Have one of the boys open it. What if it's someone dangerous?" "And what risk having the guys getting hurt Nana I can handle my--" "She's right I'll go." Chanyeol said as he stood up and patted your head,"Besides a shorty like you can't do anything." You stuck your tongue out as you looked up at him,"I already told you I'm not short you're just way too tall." He laughed as he walked to the door with you following not far behind. You stopped in your tracks as you saw who was standing by the door. He looked at you then up at Chanyeol then back at you. "I'm here to grab my things." Chanyeol then moved aside making room for him to get through,"Right. Uhm they're in my room one sec lemme get them." You ran to your room and picked up a box full of Yoongi's things that he had accumulated from the past 2 years of living together. "You and that guy...you guys are dating?" Yoongi's voice sent a tingling sensation down your spine causing you to go weak making the box in your hands to fall spilling all the contents of it. "Sorry I didn't think you'd get scared. I guess you're still the same scaredy cat." Yoongi laughed a little as he got down on his knees and started to pick up the contents placing them back into the box. You helped him the silence in the room getting more and more suffocating. All you can hear was the movie playing in the next room mixed with Nana's laughter. "Y/N...you and that guy..." "We're not dating." You said interrupting him. "I am not ready to date yet. It takes a while for someone who loved the same person for 5 years to get over that person all of a sudden. But you can't relate right?" You mentally scolded yourself at the realization of how bitter you must sound to Yoongi right now. Yoongi had stopped moving when you looked up, wondering why, he was holding a photo of the two of you from the your first month together as a couple. A picture you took in front of the amusement park statue. You both looked genuinely happy. Content even.  "I really did like you...alot." You cleared your throat shocked from the sudden confession but rather than saying anything else back you stayed quiet. Now that you look back on it maybe if you had said something that night a lot of unnecessary heartbreaks and drama could've been avoided. "...I just...I didn't know if you felt the same with me. Everytime we were together it always looked like you were being forced to do something you didn't want to do. But with Hyeri she loves everything I do. All of it." Your heart clenched as he compared the two of you. You weren't ready to hear this. Even if it had been a year since then. "It's called adjusting to your needs Yoongi. You wanted to do a lot of things I didn't really enjoy but I played along because I loved being just next to you." He scoffed,"You didn't even look like you enjoyed my concerts when I took you." You shook your head,"That's not true...I love rapper Agust D. I always admired how passionate you looked every time you rapped. I love the passion you had for music. When did you think I first fell in love with you? It was when you were passionately playing the piano. It's like you were in your own world. And each time you played you took me there with you. I love you bothering me about your lyrics. But what I didn't like were how all these girls fawned over you." You laughed a little, "Maybe I should've watched closer...maybe you would still be..." You stopped shaking your head,"But its too late now for any regrets Yoongi." "I'm debuting...with Namjoon, Hoseok, Jin and three other boys...two days from now." You smiled at Yoongi as you picked up the last of his things from the floor as he carried the box,"That's good you'll finally be able to fulfill your dreams of people enjoying your music. Now you don't have to always bother me for opinions about your music". Well you have Hyeri to bother now anyways. You smiled softly as you led him to the door. Before leaving he turned around,"Can you watch our debut?" You smiled,"Of course, I'll always be your number one fan. Even if we had broken up." He looked down at the box. "Just promise me you'll listen to it when it comes out. Since you're my number one fan and all. I'll see you around Y/N." You nodded as you watched him leave as you closed the door softly shutting it. You had no idea where they had come from but tears were streaming down your face the minute the door was shut close,"Y/N! You're out of pop--" You quickly wiped the tears off your cheeks and rushed past Chanyeol and straight into the kitchen. You then popped a bag of popcorn inside the microwave when Chanyeol had snuck up behind you,"Were you crying?" You turned to face him with a smile on your face. "No. What makes you say so?" You knew he wasn't buying but instead of prying more into the situation Chanyeol nodded awkwardly laughing,"I don't know either." He then rubbed the back of his head,"Uhm what do you want to watch next? The movie is almost over." You shrugged,"Honestly whatever is fine. As long as I can sleep afterwards." He laughed as he grabbed the bag of popcorn from the microwave,"So no scary movies then." You smiled as you watched Chanyeol walk in to the living room. You were glad that these people were here for you. You were happy but for some reason a part of you still wanted to run back to Yoongi. To run to him and hug him. To just fall back in his arms. You like Chanyeol but you still love Yoongi. Even after all these months. ---------- 1 Week Later You watched as Nana smiled down at her phone. "Wow you and Jongdae are getting serious." She looked up at me with the happiest smile she has ever had on her pretty little face. "He's just so...perfect...I don't know I thought he was a fuck boy but he's different." You rolled your eyes. "All guys seem different at first...but in the end they're just the same." "Oh god don't tell me this is why you haven't said yes to Chanyeol. You guys have been to 2 dates in one week." You groaned,"It weren't dates. We were hanging out. As friends." She gasps hysterically,"Ohh the poor boy...It's been a year and he's getting no where." You rolled your eyes as you threw a pillow at her,"Shut up!" She then grabbed the pillow and laughed,"You're such a tease you obviously like him just go for it." "Should I?" You then both laughed when you heard your ringtone goes off. You looked at the name,"Is it Chanyeol? Answer it." You smiled as you answered the phone call putting him on speaker,"Hey Yeol. Your on speaker." "Hey Y/N. Nana. I was wondering if you can change our meetingg place to BigHit Cafe today." You nodded,"Okay sure thing. I'll see you there then." You said as you hung up the phone. ---------- You walked into BigHit Cafe instantly looking around for Chanyeol. But instead your eyes fell back on Yoongi and Hyeri. Before you had even the time to react Chanyeol yelled out your name. You flinched as you looked away from the couple who seemed to look back at you and Chanyeol,"Yeol~" He smiled as you sat down infront of him and you gasped hysterically,"You remembered my drink." You faked crying, "You're the best." You both laughed. You realized that Chanyeol was not acting the same. He seemed...nervous. He kept fidgeting around with his fingers. "Yeol. What's up? You can't seem to sit still." He then looked up and swallowed quite harshly as he waved his finger making you immediately turn your head as you saw Jongdae coming in. Nana not following him soon after with a guitar she handed to Chanyeol. "What is going on?" You said while smiling being careful not to laugh as Chanyeol began to strum the guitar. He then started to sing. Jongdae following in on the melodies. You were stunned at the beautiful singing and the genius lyrics. Then Chanyeol begins to slightly rap. You smiled. Once the song stopped he got up from his chair and a staff of the cafe handed him a cake. "Y/N I like you alot...will you please be my girlfriend?" You laughed,"Ah you are very dramatic Park Chanyeol but yesI will be your girlfriend." You smiled. You've never been in a situation where you're the one being asked out. After all with Yoongi you initiated everything. The holding hands. The kiss. The dates. You were indifferent to this change but you loved this change. Chanyeol wraps his arms around you as you noticed at the corner of your eye Yoongi leaving the cafe. And a devastated Hyeri behind. Maybe they weren't as happy as you thought. Yoongi P O V "Hyeri lets just end it here." He watched as she scowled at him. "Why?" She then seductively grabbed his hand drawing circles on it as he scoffed taking it away,"Because you've been cheating on me and its the 5th time I've caught you already." She scoffed sitting nack om her chair as she ran her hands through her hair,"And that's my fault. You haven't had sex with me for so long Yoongi I have needs." "Y/N!" As soon as he heard her name his head couldn't help but turn to it. And there she was the beautiful girl he had left to be with one who had been sleeping with his friends. "Or is it because you still have feelings for that prude?" He turned his head,"Don't fucking bring her into this. This is about you and I." Hyeri rolled her eyes,"You still love her. How stupid." Yoongi scoffed as he got up from his chair,"And if I do?" She turned to look at her and she gave Yoongi a sly smile while pointing her direction,"Too late I guess." Yoongi watched as Chanyeol executed his perfectly laid out way to ask Y/N out. When he couldn't even do it himself. He had a plan. A way to ask Y/N out but she had beat him to it. His heart broken when you nodded,"Yoongi...baby see she's already--" "I'm leaving." He said while walking away angry. Not at Hyeri. But at himself. He always hesitated. He thought that maybe even if a year had passed she would still be there waiting for him. But he hurt her. What did he think was going to happen? When he had gotten to the dorms he had wrote down lyrics for songs. All inspired by the way he looks at you. The way he feels about you. And how much he hates himself for leaving you. He kept them in this book. They didn't quite match the style Namjoon had for BTS so he kept them a secret. But maybe someday he'll release them and he hopes that you'll be listening to them. Maybe knowing they were about you. He scoffed crying a little finally realizing that regret is the worst part of life and he had way too many. And it all begins with Y/N. ⚜ House Of Disquietude Taglist ⚜ Queens/Kings; @geekywriterabby @Bangtanss @AimeeH @Lexxcisco @SkyBlast @Jaerinn @hskswife @MelissaGarza @SaraDarWish Royalty Family; @AbbyRoscoe @SugaKookieV @LemonLassie @SimplyAwkward @KenyaMendoza @SarahHibbs @EmilyCayetano @twistedPuppy @sarahdarwish If you want to be tagged/untagged please go ahead and ask in the comments below. 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