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Hey you guys

Rap Monster x Wale -Change

All Right Music -All Right

Green Face -The Morning Sun

Highlight -Plz Don't Be Sad

the Night of Seokyo -The Read

Giro x Jainu -In the Rain

J-Min -Alive

WUTAN -808

CNBLUE -Between Us

Minje -Welcome Lover + Yellow

Mayday -Song of Ordinary People

LOONA 1/3 -You and Me Together

Generations -The Sun and The Moon

Monzon -Nevertheless

Gen Neo -Every Second

Taeyeon -Cover Up

Swimming Pool -Look for a Star

Eyedi -Best Mistake

DK Soul -Deeper and Deeper into the Night

Monsta X -Beautiful

Pristin -Wee Woo


Q'ulle -DON'T STOP

Novadox -Alone

Hong In Seong -I Don't Have the Time to Erase the Memories

Jeong Hae Il -Beacause It's You

Moon Hyuna -Cricket Song

FromDear -Way to work

50kg -Give You Everything

Lucy -B-Day

Sanchez -5 Minutes

JERO -Delusional

Choi Gogi -Peach Tea

Roydo -Rewind

OFA -To You For You

Lee Dan Ho -Now I'm Sorry

Lee Yeo Reum -A Room In Space

Life and Time -Cold Water

Roscoe Young -Work

Reddy -My Lite

Bree -Flower

Holiday -Wish

Yoon Jong Shin x Forte di Quattro -Last Moment

UNFAIR -Song For You

DJ Juice -BEATful Life

2000WON -Tears Attack

Lee Sun Jung Band -Because of Love

BIGFLO -Stardom

IU -Through the Night

Ramda -Love Blooms

Most Badass Asian -Racism (Wyclef Jean Hommage)
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I can't decide on witch one is my favorite it's so hard to choose