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"Why are you all smiles and looking like a goddess?"Lonnie asked sitting on my bed. "I'm not." I said looking at my outfit. "Umm isn't that the necklace Jay gave you?" "Yeah.I decided to wear it." "Actually what happened when you went to talk to Jay." "Nothing." "Nothing.Girl it's something. You never this happy for a Sunday dinner." "Ugh fine.I slept with Jay." "Hold up! You two." "Yes." "You use protection since the first time y'all slept together you ended up pregnant." "I think we did." "Bitxh you think?" "I was in the moment leave me alone." "Whatever girl. Where's little man?" "Taking a nap.Which he needs to get up so he can get dressed. "Where is the dinner?" "It's at some restaurant this time." "What?" "Yeah. I'm guessing no one wants to cook." "Looks like it.Now go get little man dressed so we not late." "Ok bossy."
I walked out of my room going into Gio's seeing him still sleeping. I opened his closet grabbing an outfit laying it on the bed. I walked over sitting next to Gio waking him up. "Gio.Come on.Time to wake up." He rolled over rubbing his eyes and stretching. "Let's get dressed and you can see Daddy. "Otay." After he finally stood out of bed I got him dressed and we headed out with Lonnie to her car. "Please tell me Chase isn't coming." "Oh he's not.Plus he is busy." "Gia." "Enough about him." "Actually when are you guys leaving for Korea?" "I have no idea,but I'm ready to go.Chill on the beach,eat my grandmas food,and Gio gets to see his cousins." "Girl I wish I can go,but girl gotta work." "But we did have fun when we went for my graduation." "Oh girl yes we did!" "What about me Mommy.Did I go?" "Yes you did.You were still a baby." "Now I go all the time." "Yes you do to visit Daddy." "And my uncles and aunties." "You got too many over there." "Yep." "Ladies and gentlemen we have arrived."Lonnie said parking the car.
~Restaurant~ "Who the hell is this chick?"I whispered to Lonnie. "I have no idea."she whispered back. We watched as Jay walked around with her saying hi to everyone and introducing herself. Look at her all happy and shit standing next to my man. "Gia.This is Yuna.Yuna this is Gia." "Hi nice to meet you."She said sticking out her hand. "Nice meeting you to."I said putting on a fake smile and shaking her hand. After they walked away I looked straight at Cha Cha. "It's his girlfriend."He mouthed. Girlfriend!! I got up from the table signaling Cha Cha over to talk. "What the hell do you mean girlfriend?"I asked getting mad."How long?" "Umm." "How long?" "A few months." "And why was I not told about this.Has she been around Gio?" "I don't know and yes." "Are You kidding me?" "Gia calm down." "I'm not going to calm down." "You need to." Clink clink clink. Cha Cha and I looked over seeing her getting everyone's attention. What the fuxk does she have to say now. "I know we all just recently meet but I'm to excited to wait." "Yuna."Jay said. "Jay and I are getting married."She said holding up her hand with the ring on it." WHAT THE FUXK!! "Cha Cha." "I'm sorry G." I didn't know what to do but walk out.I need some air and not be in the same room with them. "Gia." ~Jay~ After Yuna made the announcement everyone was happy clapping but I noticed Gia quickly running out. I quickly followed her outside to see her sitting on the bench outside the restaurant. "Gia." She looked up seeing me and looked the other direction. "Look." "Look what? Jay we slept together and now you're engaged." "I was still thinking about announcing. She did it all her own." "She had the ring.Did that mean anything to you?" "Of course it did.I can see for you it did also."I said noticing she's wearing the necklace I gave her. "Actually It didn't." "Don't lie.You're wearing the necklace I gave you and this is the first time im seeing you wear it since the day I gave it to you." "Oh this. I'm just wearing it since I just can't let it collect dust.I need to go.I have to meet Chase soon." Ugh! That night I was falling back in love with her. How the hell can she say she didn't feel the same. Fuxk. I should've talked to Cha Cha more about it.He doesn't even know we slept together. I need to call the guys and talk to them.
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wtf Jay you punk bitch