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Name: Lim Chang-kyun (임창균) Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae Birthday: January 26, 1996 Zodiac sign: Aquarius Height: 175cm (5’9″) Weight: 65kg (143lbs) Blood Type: O I.M facts: – He was the 6th trainee announced as a member of Monsta X (after survival TV show “No Mercy”). – He was born in Gwangju, South Korea. – I.M joined with other trainees in No.Mercy – Mission 4. (When he was announced as a new trainee the other members weren’t too happy about this decision.) Which I understand, but come on! Look how close they all are now. But they had a reason to not be happy with the decision especially since they had just had a friend get kicked off the show. And BOOM! A new trainee? – His role model is his father. – He lived abroad a lot during his childhood, because his father was a scientist and his work demanded of him to travel around the world. – He leaved 3 years in Boston and 4 years in Israel. – He once wanted to pursue science and education. Give me your interest in science so I can actually want to take a Chemistry class! – He can speak English fluently. – He was supposed to debut in another group in 2014 (Nu’Bility), but plans fell through in the last minute, since he decided to leave the group. So, I must not have read through this whole fun fact thing the last time, because I do not remember reading this. I'm glad that he left because Monsta X just wouldn't be the same. – He was a Starship trainee for 2 years. – Due to living abroad his English is fluent (He’s the member with the best English in Monsta X). – He still loves travelling and his favorite place to be in is Osaka, Japan. – In the dorm he is the most quiet member. – In an interview I.M confirmed that he likes to look a lot in the mirror. – When he was younger, once he dissected a rat in his dad’s lab. He did this out of his own free will... I had to help dissect a rat in anatomy and I still hate it and this was last semester. – His father owns an orchard. – He doesn’t like to stay much inside and he prefers to be outside. (Once, during “Weekly Idol” he complained that Monsta X stays too much indoor). I watched this episode and can say that he definitely did say this... – He originally was left-handed. – Once he wakes up he usually checks his schedule. – One of his nicknames is Kookang (= puppy) and was given to him by Wonho. – I.M said that he was more nervous when he performed Mirotic by TVXQ than he was in the finale of No.Mercy. (160612 Monsta X Cut (TVXQ! mirotic) @ MCD Backstage) This is my favorite performance of theirs! How?!?!?! – When he was asked why he keeps biting Shownu’s arms, I.M said “His arms are delicious.” (161025 Monsta X on After School Club) – He keeps skin moisturizer in the dorm’s fridge (which he shares with Kihyun). – He likes playing games with Kihyun. – He writes a lot of the songs lyrics with Jooheon. – He always prays before eating. (Like Jooheon) – One of his favorite songs is “Lucia” by Daman. – One of his favorite English phrases is “Do what you love and love what you do”. – Hobbies: Writing songs, hanging out with his group mates. – Among Monsta X members he said he is the closest to Jooheon. – I.M loves candles and the ‘mood’ they spread. Hyungwon once said that he observed I.M staring deeply into a candle’s flame. (Monsta X Asta TV Interview) – I.M’s definition of love: “Giving up the most delicious drumstick. It’s cherishing someone more than yourself.” (Sparkling Magazine Interview) – I.M ideal’s type: “I look at the person’s personality.“
I still don't understand how he sits there with a straight face on that ride. I despise those rides so much. They still scare the heck out of me. I would be cowering in his shoulder with tears in my eyes if I had to ride this. That's how much I dislike that ride. Every time I watch this video, I still laugh.
He's so cute, and precious, and beautiful, and I love him with all of my heart. What have you done to me?
Lets end this with a derpy gif of I.M... Sorry not sorry.