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Puzzled Pieces ( BTS Smut Part 37):

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Word Count: 1044


“Oh, someone is standing in attention…” Jimin said to Hoseok. “What?” I was confused. What the hell was he talking about? I froze and Hoseok didn’t look angry anymore, so I was even more confused. “So, that turned you on? Was it imagining that you were me or that you were watching?” “Shut the fuck up, Jimin.” Hoseok screamed through his teeth. Now I was understanding. “Hoseok calm down, please.” “No… he needs to know when to stop.” “Like this…” Jimin bent down and kissed Hoseok on the neck. In shock, Hoseok released him, but Jimin didn’t back off. He pushed Hoseok away and he seemed like he was in a daze. Jimin then pushed Hoseok against the counter, putting one of his legs between his. “Come on. You know you enjoyed that.” Hoseok was looking him in the eyes, his mood had done a three sixty. I however was frozen, not knowing what to say or do. Jimin turned to me and gave me a sobering smile.
“I know how we can solve his problem,” Jimin said pausing to look back at Hoseok. I could see his bulge from where I was standing. He held his chin between his thumb and his pointer finger then looked back at me. “But I think he’s going to need both of our help, don’t you think?” a cocky smile played on his lips before he turned back to him and groped him now sensitive package causing him to moan. “Are you just going to stand there and make me do all the work or you going to join us?”

I was nervous as hell, I don’t know why because I’ve slept with both of these men, but both at the same time. I hesitated for a few seconds, trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do. Of course, I knew that I wanted to join them, but wouldn’t it be totally awkward after its done? “Fine, I can take care of him myself…” He turned back to him and was about to kiss him when Hoseok moved his head to the side, avoiding it. “Jimin, we shouldn’t do this again…” Hoseok huffed, trying to control himself. Again?! “You need to relieve your sexual frustration and you said you liked doing this last time…” he paused running his free hand up his chest seductively then gave him a light peck on his lips, trying his best to seduce Hoseok again. He stopped to look into his eyes, locking in his chances with him.
Oddly enough this was turning me on. “I… um… that I’ll join you…” “I thought you’d never asked.” Jimin said turning toward me and put out a hand for me to grab. Slowly, I inched my hand into Jimin’s, but as soon as he had a hold of mine, he pulled me towards them with a jerk. I gasped when I was finally in between both of them. Jimin had a huge smile on his face. “Let’s teases him a bit…” he said in my ear and started to nibbling on it then started to make his way down my neck, but made me moan was feeling of Hoseok lean himself against my back. I could feel his member grow against my lower back when he reached around my hips pulling at my pants button to unbutton it. “I… think that we should… move to another… room so we don’t get …caught.” I voiced my opinion through.
I grabbed one of their hands each and lead them to the back rooms, stopping in the very front hall way not knowing which room to go to. I turned to them and was about to ask where they wanted to go and Jimin answered my unasked question. “Let’s go to my room.” We both nodded in agreement and followed him towards his room. When all of us were in the room and Jimin slammed the door shut. He skipped right back to where he was at nipping at my chest, when Hoseok made his way over to us, his attention was on him and so was mine. I yearned to taste the inside of his mouth. He allowed me access and tongue began to explore his mouth. His hands once again started to make its way down my sides again to get to the top of my pants. I felt the button pop open even through the buzzing feeling that I was having all over my body.
My pants fell to the ground and I could feel the cool air on my legs. Hoseok helped both me and Jimin get our shirts off and we helped him with his. I opened my eyes after getting in his mouth again to see Jimin lock eyes with me, I heard another button come undone and a zipper unzipping. I didn’t look down to know who pants had fallen to the ground because I could felt Hoseok’s hard member touch me through his underwear. Jimin detached himself from kissing Hoseok neck and went to his nightstand, pulling out two rubbers. I let out a moan as Hoseok moved his lips from mine to my neck and his hands at the waist of my underwear. I watched as Jimin struggle with the wrapper of the first one, just like last time, but put the condom on skillful when he got it out. He walked over, holding himself against the pawing Hoseok and skillfully put the condom on him as he reached around. Not leaving the chance to tease him a bit by groping him before he started to command us.

“Kim go lay on the edge bed…” I nodded at his command and they both waked over. Jimin stopped Hoseok before he got over to me. “Do you want control or me to take over?” He asked teasingly nibbling at his ear from behind him. Jimin’s hands ran down his torso seducing him into his will. “I want you to have control…” Hoseok said with a hitch in his breath. “Are you okay with that?” Jimin asked me. I nodded in agreement and Jimin began to speak again running both of his hands down Hoseok’s backside. “Are you ready for me?” “Yes… I’m ready for you…”


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