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Stage Name: Zico (지코) Birth Name: Woo Ji Ho Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Date of Birth: September 14, 1992 Zodiac sign: Virgo Height: 182 cm (6’0″) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Twitter: @ZICO92 Instagram: @woozico0914 Zico facts: – He was born in Mapo, Seoul, South Korea. – He has an older brother, Woo Taewoon, who was a former member of idol group Speed. – He was a Vocal Performance major at Seoul Music High School. – Zico studied at the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts University (between 2013 -2015). – Specialties: Freestyle rap, composing, weaving melody lines. – He auditioned for S.M. Entertainment as a teenager. I didn't know this. I probably knew this but just forgot... – He joined Stardom Entertainment in 2009. – Zico lived abroad in Japan for three years. – On November 7, 2014, Zico released his official solo debut single entitled “Tough Cookie” featuring the rapper Don Mills – He, along with Kyung have produced all of Block B’s albums. – Hobbies: Shopping, reading, watching American comedies – He is obsessed with Hello Kitty (he only bought a Hello Kitty phone case to minimize his idol image, but soon became obsessed with Hello Kitty things). Oh my gosh! This sounds like something I would totally do. I love you even more now, Zico! – Zico draws with his left hand, but writes with his right hand. What's up with me having biases that do things with their left hands? I.M used to be left handed, Zico draws with his left hand. Whos next? – Childhood friends with Kyung. – He was in a relationship with Seolhyun from AOA, but in September 2016 it was announced that the couple had broken up due to personal reasons. I still love her so much and she is literally one of the coolest people ever! – U-Kwon thinks Zico has the most fangirls of Block B. Even if this is true, U-Kwon is probably the next one with the most fangirls after! I've witnessed people fight over U-Kwon. – Zico’s ideal type: “For me, I like women with pretty legs and thighs. I really do like women with pretty legs and also girls that look good with long straight hair. And funny girls.” 
This is adorable! I really love that this is just so sweet and innocent! Bermuda Triangle because that's still a fantastic song!(there's supposed to be other gifs here but they didn't work for some reason) He's so cute. He literally goes from looking so serious to a fluffball in just a couple of seconds.
How can he even be cute just eating pizza? Why you gotta do me this way, Zico?!
Fun fact! Zico actually supposedly almost debuted with SHINee, but was replaced with Minho 😅 Which is good in the end, because SHINee wouldn't be the same without Minho, and also Block B was formed around Zico, so none of the others would be together. Everything happens for a reason~ 😝
Oh my gosh I forgot about that! Goodness gracious I'm so clueless and forgetful... but that's true! Everything does happen for a reason
AHHH so cute! By far my favorite Zico card! ♡