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E Squad
Word Count: 1012

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Recap/ Spoilers:

Scarlett meets a suspicious character named Griff as she just finished talking to her college friend Anna in the middle of the quad. When she goes to class the fire alarm interrupts the lecture making everyone evacuated the building. Scarlett finds herself sitting on a bench near the building with her ear phones in when another man she has never met sat down next to her. Agent Park Jinyoung, the man who sat next to her, tries to convince her to go with him for her safety after telling her she’s in danger and Griff is somehow involved. The Agent takes off angrily after he fails to convince her to come with him and she follows him. Which was a mistake and Agent Jinyoung kidnaps her and takes her to a safe house where she meets the Agents who are assigned to keep her safe from her unknown dangers. Keep reading to find out what happens next…

Part 3: Hidden truths
“Maybe we should start over with explain exactly why the hell I’m here…” The all looked at me like they couldn’t say, but Chief JB answered for them. “We are here to keep you safe.” “Enough with the ‘We are here to keep you safe’, I’m tired of hearing it, you sound like a broken record.” I paused. “Who are you guys anyways?” I finally asked.
“We’re all from the FBI and my team was assigned to you to keep you from getting harmed. You are now in the Witness Protection program. Right now, we are in a safe how near town and we will be moving in a few hours to our, hopefully, permanent location until all of this is over. I’m here to make sure that you safely get to your destination with your new identity, etc.” Chief paused taking a breather. “You’ve already met Agent Jinyoung, so this is Agent Jackson Wang, Agent Mark Tuan, and Agent BamBam. I can assure you that your life is in great hands.
My mind reeled with unanswered questions, but stopped a particular one. “Fuck!” I shouted. “What’s wrong?” Chief inquired. “I have five guys, obviously armed and trained, keeping me from whatever the fucking danger I’m in. I’m either royally fucked or all of you are too incompetent to handle whatever is coming for me. No offence, but I’m really hoping for the second opposition right now…” I could tell from the lack of eye contact that I was receiving from them it definitely wasn’t opposition two. “How?!”
“We were told to keep you in the dark about certain things…” Agent Wang answered me. “Who the hell decided that?” I demanded. “Your parents did…” Agent Jinyoung. Nothing was making any sense, how are my parent even involved? They are nobodies. My mother a Dentist, and my father an Accountant. The only excitement in their life was when they got a scam call that said they won a free cruse. Unless they were living a life of crime behind my back, which I highly doubt, there shouldn’t be any danger in our lives. Suddenly, the Chief’s phone goes off, pulling me out of the debate in my head. He answered on the second ring.
“Chief Im JaeBum… Got it.” he responded to the person on the other end and then hung up. “The van will be here in a few minutes. Everyone get ready to move.” Everyone left the room, immediately, leaving me standing in the kitchen alone. They soon all came back with bags and Agent BamBam threw me a bag. Being as clumsy as I am, I was surprised that I had caught it. “Go change into those…” he demanded and pointed at the bathroom that was to the first left down the hall. I did what I was told even though my head was still reeling with questions. I changed into the black hoody and sweat pants that was in the bag before coming back out with my old clothes now in the bag. All the guys had a least a duffel bag to themselves.
“Everyone ready?” Chief screamed to the house.
“Yes, sir!” Everyone replied. Jackson peeked through the drawn blinds in the front of the house as everyone gathered around me. “When I say move, try to get into the car as fast as possible, but stay between the guys… Alright?” Chief directed towards me. I nodded yes, but couldn’t get the words out of my dry mouth.
Agent Wang grabbed my hood and pulled it over my head quickly before we all rushed to the van that was waiting for us outside. The had me sit in the middle of the van between Agent BamBam and Agent Jinyoung. Everyone quickly loaded the van and they took their seats before we were off. We rode for at least three hours before my eyes started to drift closed. I kept going in and out of it, trying to fight to stay awake. As I was fighting to keep myself aware, I heard a conversation as my head rested on a hard yet soft surface.
“What?” I heard Agent BamBam ask. He sounded so close to my ear.
“What her?” Agent BamBam continued. “Jealous much?!”
He paused. “You know, you fucked up any chance of her trusting you…”
“You just have to rub it in, don’t you?” Agent Jinyoung inquired.
My body finally gave in to its needs knowing that it was probably going to need to conserve my energy. “Scarlett…” a gentle voice played in my ear. “Hey, Scarlett, we’re here… you need to wake up…” I allowed my eyes to flutter open to the sweet voice that was calling me. My eyes immediately locked with Agent BamBam, who was looking down at me. I sat up from laying in his lap embarrassed. “Um… sorry, I’m just going to …. Um, yeah…” I turned around facing the door and rushed my way out of the van, which was another big mistake. As I was about to jump out of the van my foot catches the frame.


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