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Hello Onces!

After discussing with the support mods, we have finally come together to finalize a schedule and some community guidelines!
But our schedule isn't quite similar to most other communities. Ours is in a four week rotation to give each support mod a chance to represent different members! Check it out!!
Exciting, isn't it? And just in case you don't know the Support Mods, here are their vingle usernames, so show them lots of love! They will be posting their intros this week!
Jiji/Aster - @JiyongLeo
Jazzy/Jasmyn - @AwkwardJazzy
Haruka/Haru - @InfinitySky
Nikki - @adritae
Jena (me!) - @turntuptae

Finally, the Community Guidelines!

1. No Fanwars. Please do not start any arguments or fanwars. We want this community to be loving and kind all around. Spread love, not hate!

2. No bullying or harassment. Quite a common rule, and it's self-explanatory. (If you see any rude comments or posts, please inform me or one of the support mods immediately!)

3. Please keep things relevant. It's a simple rule, really. Just don't tag the Twice community if your card has nothing to do with it.

4. Smut or Triggering/Sensitive Topics: Please put an obvious warning in the title, or on the first block of the card. We have young and innocent eyes on here, and we don't want any to be corrupted. And DO NOT sexualize the underage members!!

5. Be Kind and Have Fun! The most important one of all. It's important that everyone feels welcomed, confident, and loved in the Twice community!

If you have violated any one of these rules, you will get a warning, and possibly have your card/comment deleted.

If you have a question, you can message me or any one of the support mods to have it answered!

We look forward to make this a great quarter!

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