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This Jay Park one shot is dedicated to the lovely @amobts because it's her birthday this week. The E squad and AMS are coming together to celebrate with a weekend long everts. Happy Early Birthday Girly! I came up with this idea when I was watching various youtube videos. So I hope you like it and read at your own risk! :)

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Word Count: 1317


Those dreaded words were like a song skipping over and over again on a broken record, “Happy birthday!” Another happy colleague sang to me as the passed my office. I gave them a fake smiled and thanked them as they continue to pass my door. I was getting so many smiles and friendly gestures, making me realize how lonely I was. I hated these kinds of days, it wasn’t like I was single, it’s because I never get to see my boyfriend. He’s always on tour and the only time I ever get to see his face on my birthday or any kind of holiday like this is when we facetime each other. After making it back home, I threw my keys down on my kitchen counter along with my purse. I opened the fridge and grabbed the bottle of red wine that Jay sent me yesterday. I opened the cabinet to grab a wine glass and was quickly reminded that I was alone when I stared at the extra one sitting there. I slammed the door shut, hating this day even more as I grumbled to myself and poured the wine in the glass.
I took a big gulp, not caring if it was lady like or not, I was alone anyways and it wasn’t like anyone could see me. My phone started to vibrate in my purse, telling me that Jay was calling me. I scrambled trough my bag and finally dug out my phone to answer it. “Hey, babe, how was your day?” “Um, it was okay, but it would have been better if I could have gotten to see you…” I replied and paused. “I miss you.” “I miss you, too, (Y/n). I wish I can be there to give you your present in person…” The doorbell rang. “What? Hello? Jay?” I sighed hearing the dial tone. He had hung up on me. I go to open the door and saw a delivery guy wheeling a life-sized Teddy Bear behind him. “What the…?” I stopped myself and let the delivery guy haul in the giant teddy bear. He set it up in one of the empty corners on my living room. “Now, what the hell am I supposed to do with this?”
I picked up my phone and laid against it, taking several selfies and sent them to Jay. I wrote a text to go along with it. “I love the gift, but it would have been better if you were here…” I read out loud. Suddenly, I felt the arms of the teddy bear wrap around me. At first I froze in terror and then screamed, hitting the crap out of the stuffed giant. I hear a moan in pain as I did and stopped realizing that the voice inside sounded really familiar. “Jay?” “Yep, it’s me!” Jay’s chuckle was muffled as it out came out of the teddy bear. “How the hell did you get in there?” “With a lot of help from the boys… by the way, I’m kind of stuck.” I shook my head trying to hold in my laughter as I pulled at the seam in the back of the stuffed animal as instructed and helped him out of his fluffy trap. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, but he was wearing pants.
As he finally gained his freedom, I helped pick out the fuzz in his hair and kissed him before he could say anything. “I should come home more often if I’m going to be greeted like that…” “I missed you so much…” I replied kind of ignoring his teasing tone and hugged him tighter to me, not wanting any space to be between us anymore. “You have no idea how much I missed you, my baby.” He gave me a peck on the lips. “Do you know how hard it is to not be by you…” he paused giving me a kiss on the neck. “…not being in bed with you?” I giggled at his words, but was caught off guards as he nipped my neck. “mmhhhmmm” I moaned. I wanted his so badly. I haven’t seen him in weeks and I needed him. “I missed the sounds you make.” “I miss the things you do to me…” I blurted out in my daze that he always made me fall in to.
“Well, Baby, I’m here for the rest of the week for you. It’s your birthday tell me want you want…” he knows I’ve always had trouble tell him what I wanted telling him exactly what I wanted, but this time I knew exactly what I want from him and I wasn’t going to hesitate. I waited too long to grow a pair and speak up when it comes to this kind of stuff. I wanted to surprised him. I gasped as he nipped at my neck again waiting for my answer. When his ear got close enough to my mouth I breathlessly replied “I want you to fuck me hard…” I could feel his shock in his hands as they stilled their movement up the back of my shirt. He moved his mouth closer to my ear and asked “Where?” “Surprise me…” I answered. “Now that, I can do…”. He removed my shirt immediately and tossed it assigned like he hated it. Jay picked me up by scooping his hands around my ass and thighs. He sat me down on the couch behind me and started to pull at my skirt that I wore to work. I hear him grunt in frustration when he saw that I was wearing panty hose. “You’re just trying to make it difficult for me, today aren’t you?” I giggled tone until he tore them off of me. “Those were my favor…” He pressed his lips to mine to shut me up as his tongue breached my lips. I started to undo is button on his pants and just slid it off of him when the zipper was all the way down.
I felt one of his hand groping its way down to my ass under my underwear. I pulled him closer to me and pulled at waist of his underwear. I finally got a hand down them and started to massage his member. I could feel it grow in my hand as I hear his breath stutter in my ear. “You’re being really unfair right now…” With his free hand, he undid my bra and removed within seconds. His hot breath brushed my nipple before he to nibble on the now erect part of my boob. As he distracts me with one he removes my panties completely, quickly inserting two of his fingers into me and his thumb played with my clit. “I’m being unfair? how about you?” I barely pronounced. He toyed with me a bit more moving his fingers, so that I was coming close. Finally, he allowed me to guide him into me. I gasped at his growth hit my stop as he lowly slid in. He repeated this a few times more making me impatient. “Jay please…” I wined as he hit my spot slowly again. “Yes, baby, what do you want? Tell me again…” “Fuck me… fast and hard…” I had to paused as he teased me with him slowly easing in and out again.

Slowly his thrusts started to go faster and harder. I was getting close and I could his breathing gave away that he was too, but his speed didn’t slow. I moaned loader as he goes faster and pounds harder. “Ugmm, I’m going to cum!” I exclaimed as I felt everything start to tingle. “Cum for me baby…” he said keeping his pace. I let loose and he thrusted a few more times before he finally cummed and I could feel his warmth inside me. He smiled trying to catch his breath. “Happy birthday, baby…” “Oh, yes it is…”


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