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This man is a Diva. Not the obnoxious over the top kind but he likes looking good for his photos. He wants to look cool especially when he sends you snaps. He'll only be silly in his pictures if it's Jay's idea or if he knows you had a bad day.
He'd take you to practice for his concerts because you brighten up the whole experience for him. He'd peek over to see you doing a weird rendition of the back up dancers dance and right in the middle of the reversal he'll break out into laughter because you look so stupid but cute at the same time that he can't help it.
One of the kings of Booty appreciation Kiseok would love to lay his head on your booty. Maybe while you're in the kitchen he'll come up behind you to grab your butt while he kisses your neck. Those mornings you prance around in panties and his giant t shirts or his hoody are the mornings he cherishes the most because you look so pretty and he can see your butt pop out a little when you sit on the couch eating cereal.
Kiseok loves being dramatic with you just to get you riled up. Sometimes he'll over dramatize being mad at you or he'll act cold and distant towards you just to make you upset at him. He'll send one word texts but what he really wants to do is send you a paragraph about how much he loves it when you're annoyed with him because your nose flairs and your lips press together. He does this most times when he wants to get make up sex because nothing is better than watching you melt to his touch when you're pissed at him.
Kiseok is always going to try and attack your feels with babies and puppies because he finds it hilarious when you squeal and you can't contain how much you love babies and puppies. If he passes a pet store he'll go in just to send you a pic of a lot of puppies that'll say "let's adopt them all" but when you answer "yes" he'll just say "Aish I was kidding". Although he'll cave a week later and surprise you with a pup of your own.
Kiseok is the ultimate foody but more than anything his sweet tooth is what rules. Always expect him to ask you to stop by the candy store and pick up another pound of gummy bears and a bag of lollipops because he ate his last bag three days ago and he's suffering from sugar withdrawals.
Most importantly always expect him to be taking care of your step child Jay because let's be honest once you two hook up you've basically adopted Jay as a son. He'll take care of him in the day but before sunrise he's your son boo.
Lmfao bahaha that was dope. I would believe it all too lol
lol thank you
*throws pickles*
ooo the crunchy kind I hope