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[LIVE Recap] Big Ep 3

 Cast: Gong Yoo as Seo Yoon Jae Lee Min Jung as Kil Da Ran Shin Won Ho as Kang Kyung Joon Suzy (Miss A) as Jang Ma Ri Jang Hee Jin as Lee Se Young Recap Ep 1: Recap Ep 2: Yoon Jae went downstairs to see Se Young, but surprisingly, she hugged him! She said, "I was so worried about you! If there is any accident, you should have talked to me! Yoon Jae, I love you!" Da Ran came downstairs too, and Yoon Jae start to understand what is going on with the situation. Da Ran thank Se Young for bringing Yoon Jae's stuff, and Se Young said, "If you are thankful, please invite me for some tea." Yoon Jae refused to, but Da Ran said that she will go to buy some snacks. Yoon Jae suddenly lift Da Ran up, and said, "I just want to be together with my fiancee!! Get out of here!" Se Young was really surprised to see his reaction. They are now back in Yoon Jae's apartment, and Da Ran was upset that Yoon Jae said "You jerk" to the real Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae insisted, that he IS a jerk, and Da Ran is too naive to read what is going on! (I think it's trueee!!) She tried to defend Yoon Jae, that Se Young is Yoon Jae's old friend, and she is sure that nothing is happening between two of them. Da Ran asked Yoon Jae to say the words that she wants to hear one more time. Yoon Jae hold her cheek, and said," Yoon Jae DOESN'T love Da Ran." and he left from the apartment. Se Young is still waiting downstairs, and she asked Yoon Jae what happen and whether he is upset with her. She confirm again, "do you still have what I gave you?" but of course Yoon Jae DOESN'T HAVE any idea what she gave him, right?? He is not real Yoon Jae! Yoon Jae said, "Let's talk more about this," and they went to a bar. THIS is hillarious (check my screenshots later) because this is Yoon Jae (Kyung Joon's) first time to drink whiskey. You all should really see his expression!! Meanwhile, Da Ran went home, and all the family were waiting for her. They all asked why she came so late, but suddenly Da Ran asked, "Can we postpone the wedding invitation distribution?" All the family were surprised to hear that! Da Ran mom went to Da Ran's room, and said, that this is her first time to see Yoon Jae and Da Ran look good together, and having a lot of fun. Before today, they both looked so bored and awkward. It seems that before, Yoon Jae and Da Ran didn't look like they love each other. Her mom even offered to go shopping together and get some sexy lingerie for their honeymoon. So anyone here can guess what happen to Yoon Jae after he drank whiskey??? He just passed out!!! Arrggggg~ the view was really blurry...and...and....the next thing he know, he is awake, NAKED, in Se Young's room!!!! Se Young left a memo too on the door, "I will go to work first, see you later." What a bitch!!! Do you guys think they slept together while he was drunk???? Da Ran went to find him, and she can smell alcohol from his breath. Yoon Jae is really hillarious!! He asked Da Ran, "will you be angry if I did something, that made me "dirty"?" Da Ran was confused and asked, " What action can make you dirty?" Yoon Jae said, "Excercise! Sport! It will make me dirty!" I think he felt guilty coz he thought he slept with Se Young! Da Ran arrived in the school and found out that Kyung Joon's guardians (his uncle and aunt) were there. It seems that they are not worried at all with his condition! Meanwhile, Yoon Jae went to the hospital, and guess what he did! He took shower, and rubbing his body like crazy kkkkkkk because he felt "dirty". He also decided to investigate what is happening between Se Young and real Yoon Jae. While he was checking stuffs, he found Yoon Jae's suitcase and found his passport~ so he decided to go to the airport and go for vacation!! While waiting in the airport, he check his handphone because he hasn't checked it for days. He got hundreds of misscalls and messages from Ma Ri, his old friend. He made his own imagination about what will happen if he doesnt pick his calls. It's really scary!! HAHAHA The next scenes are what Miss A's fans waiting for! Suzy (Ma Ri)came! She came all the way from the states to Korea to find Kyung Joon! She even has Da Ran's picture in her phone because Kyung Joon upload that picture in his blog. Right when she arrive in the school, she found Da Ran, ran to her, and ask her for money to pay taxi! Other fellow teachers and the principal were not happy with this because strangers always asked Da Ran for money. The next thing is that, Yoon Jae, taking taxi to the school, because he knows that Ma Ri will come to the school. Ma Ri asked who that ajussi is, and Da Ran said that Yoon Jae is a person that Kyung Joon know. Yoon Jae told Ma Ri, if she has something to talk, just talk to him, because Kyung Joon doesnt want to meet her. Ma Ri said, " But I am his future wife." Yoon Jae said, "Kyung Joon hates you. He doesn't want to be with you." Ma Ri asked, "Is Kyung Joon still angry and think that his mom passed away because of me?" What is going on here?? Suddenly the scense flashes back to real Kyung Joon (yeahhh finally Shin Won Ho appear again) in his mom's funeral. Ma Ri was standing next to him, but he ignored her. The scene come back to Ma Ri and Yoon Jae, and Ma Ri said, "I will get married with Kyung Yoon." Meanwhile, Chung Sik, Da Ran's brother, already fell in love with Ma Ri at the first sight!! While Ma Ri was walking, he followed her like a stalker!! He told Ma Ri, "You are very pretty." and Ma Ri said, "I know." LOLz. Chung Sik then wrote down his phone number on her white branded expensive bag. Da Ran found Yoon Jae's suitcase. She interogated Yoon Jae, "Where are you going? Are you trying to escape? Did you mess up with something? Usually if a guy mess up and can't handle it, he will leave and run away. Did you mess up with something???" Yoon Jae finally admitted that he drank too much, and the next thing he know, is waking up in Se Young's home. Da Ran was soooo upset! She keep hitting him, and said "What are you doing with Yoon Jae's body?? Why did you do that??" Yoon Jae in the other hand, was upset too, and telling her how stupid she is, and if Yoon Jae really loves her, he should have married her. And he left....Da Ran was badly crying... Yoon Jae went back to his house, and open his fridge. He found the lunch box prepared by Da Ran, and emotionally ate the lunch TT Da Ran walked out from the school with Yoon Jae's suitcase, and she found Yoon Jae there, waiting for her, talking to himself (about how to apologize to her). He told Da Ran, "when I grow up, I want to be a kind-hearted person like Da Ran teacher," and Da Ran smiled. Both of them went to the hospital and submit a vacation leave for Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae said that the effect of the accident is so severe that he needs to take a vacation leave. But the hospital said, "then what about the event (for cancer kid patients)?" Yoon Jae and Da Ran didn't know that there is some ongoing event for Yoon Jae in the hospital. They bumped into Yoon Jae's colleagues, and they said, that while both of them are here, they should go for dinner to celebrate their upcoming wedding. During the dinner, Se Young said that Yoon Jae only felt guilty because she fell of the stairs and hurt herself because of him. However, the colleague (who had his wedding party when Da Ran and Yoon Jae met for the first time) said, that it's not true. He said that Yoon Jae liked Da Ran for the first time in the elevator during the wedding. He ate his meal on the table next to Da Ran's table, and the more he see her, the more he thinks that Da Ran is pretty. You guys should see Se Young face changed drastically after listening to that!! Yeay! hahaha Chung Sik was at home, and suddenly there is a call from Ma Ri. Ma Ri asked to meet up, and from Chung Sik, Ma Ri found out that Kyung Joon is hurt from the accident and is in hospital right now. Yoon Jae and Da Ran were walking after the dinner, and Da Ran was really drunk and happy!! (remember about the behind story how Yoon Jae fell in love with her since his first sight??) Da Ran asked Yoon Jae to stay still for a while, and she asked Yoon Jae, "Do you think I am really pretty?" Yoon Jae said," don't get it wrong! I'm not Yoon Jae!!!" Meanwhile, Ma Ri and Chung Sik visited Kyung Joon. Ma Ri kept calling him, and even slapped him to wake him up! But Kyung Joon is not waking up TT Se Young went back to the hospital, looking at some Yoon Jae's picture, and thinking that Yoon Jae now is not like the usual Yoon Jae. Da Ran and Yoon Jae were sitting in the bench, and they were talking about how far the dating going with them. Yoon Jae grabbed Da Ran's hand, and Da Ran was not thrilled at al.. She said, "it's common! Yoon Jae and me are dating!" Yoon jae put his hand behind Da Ran's shoulder, and Da Ran was still calm too. Suddenly Yoon Jae's face approached her face!!! And Da Ran was surprised! Are they going to kiss????? Let's see tomorrow's episode! Ep 4 Preview: ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
This is getting adorable by the second... =)
thanks sapphire 148 <3
awwwww, it's finish. I hope that kiss is really going to happen, hehehe
krissylee hiii how are you??? do u like BIG??
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