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None of them wanted to leave her alone but they had to, they had to go take a look for themselves.

When they got to the company building, there were people coming and going. It was weird especially for a weekend. They walked in casually. Some of the workers bowed and said hello to them, giving them a strange look.

“How do we get into the basement?” the eldest asked.

“This way” the maknae said and they followed him down the hallway to a door that was the furthest, the last door. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the key. When he went to insert it, the door opened. A security guard stepped out.

“What are you boys doing here?” He asked.

The eldest spoke up right away, “We came to see our manager. He said he was downstairs.”

The security guard gave them an odd look, “Your manager… they took him to the hospital already. Didn't you know?”

They shook their heads. They looked at one another surprised. The maknae kinda figured it had been him but the other two were taken back. The man that had been at their side for the past few years, who protected them, who watched over them like a hyung would, was the one that had done that to their noona. They couldn't imagine him choking her or even hitting a female for that matter.

“What happened?” The eldest asked

“Some people broke in. He must've ran into them, they beat him pretty bad. Ransacked his office, even took his car, and left him for dead. Luckily the security guard on duty found him. We're trying to find out how they got in… You three shouldn't be here.” He said as he started to usher them back down the hall toward the entrance.

“Do they know who did it?” The maknae asked.

The security guard shook his head, “The surveillance cameras have been out since Friday, so there's no telling how long he was down there.”

They left as quickly as possible.

On their way, they found out what hospital and headed over there. They wanted to get there before the others did. The maknae zoomed through traffic, ignoring the speed limit, even speeding through a red light. The other two just held on tight.

“Did you know it was him?” The dark one asked.  

The maknae gave him a side glance, “I figured it was. He'd been telling me to stop seeing her but I refused to. I didn't think he would have gone this far.”

“You need to tell us everything that's been going on.” The eldest said from the backseat, “No keeping it to yourself this time. This is serious, we need to know both sides of this situation. Obviously there is a side to our manager hyung that we don't know about. I can't believe he could do such a thing.” The dark one chuckled a little, the eldest noticed, "What's so funny?"

The dark looked back at him with a look, "You saw what he did to that fan at the airport. If she didn't have her arm up already, he would have backhanded her across the face instead of just knocking her over. And that's not the first time either."

"I still can't believe it." The eldest replied and peered out the side window, watching everything flash by.

They raced up to the manager's hospital room. The maknae went in alone while the other two stood outside the door talking to the nurse. She told them what the police had told them, that he was found badly beaten at the bottom of some stairs, barely alive in the basement.

He stared at the manager. He didn't know what to think. His head was wrapped in bandage, both his eyes were swollen and bruised. There were scratches on his arms and face, even a bite mark on the back of his hand. He measured the scratches with his own nails, too small and narrow.

He stopped breathing for a minute, then he spoke with a voice that was barely audible and horsed, “who's there?” He tried to open his eyes, “who's there? I can barely see you…”

“What did you do to her?”

The manager laughed, or tried to. He grabbed his stomach when it hurt too much to do so, “that woman did this to me… she's dangerous, stay away from her.” He laid his head back, letting his body relax.

“She wouldn't have done it if you hadn't done whatever you did to her. You must've hurt her…”

“she tried to kill me!” the manager said, raising his voice, “I can't believe you're taking her side. She's got you soooo wrapped around her finger… you going to finish what she started?”

The maknae bent down over him, leaning in close, “Can you see me now?” He could see the manager's eyes move to him, “If you go near her again… I will.”

“we'll see about that…”

Just then, the other members came bursting in with flowers and get well balloons. The maknae stepped back and clapped, putting on a big smile of his own.

You better let him know! Don't roll up on your woman. That manager needs to be neutralized. Permanently.
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