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Hi all you lovely Candy!! I have returned for Q2 and a lot more in store!! I want to bring a Big shout out to @AimeeH for keeping me in her wild crew! :D I have returned to represent the bright sunlight himself, Sangmin returning on Saturdays!!!!

Who can resist this goofy, but sweet smiley prince? :D

Just a bit about me:

-Shinee dragged me into kpop (Minho did it!)
- I'm 28 years old
- I've been with Cross Gene since Debut
-They are one of my top favorite group's in kpop!

That's all for now! Until Next time!!

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oooohhhh i look forward to some sangmin!!!!!
\^0^/ I will bring more of this goofball to play!
I love youuu
I love you too Aims!!!