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Waddup guys!!!!! Kim here and so is DJ Jay Park. We got an awesome playlist for our birthday girl @amobts!!!! So let's get this party started!!!!!!!
I do apologise for the long card!!!!!

First up on our list is BTS's Dope. Gotta get the party started right by getting hype!!!!!
Up next we have again, BTS's Not Today cause, why not?????
Let's keep it rolling with Agust D's Agust D. First off, that beat goes so hard!!!!!!
We gonna slow it down a bit with 2pm's A.D.T.O.Y. Can we say birthday lap dance pt 1??????
We gonna hype it back up again with some EXO's Overdose cause you can never overdose on a good thing!!!!!!
Let's keep the EXO train going with Monster

Now we can't have a playlist without our own DJ not being on it!!!!! Here's Jay Park and Mommae (that damn smile)
Of course, this had to make an apperance on this playlist.
After all that craziness, we bring it to an end with no other that Jay Park Sex Trip
I hope this have your birthday turned up!!!!! Catch yall in the next card!!!!!!!

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Awesome playlist!