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Wats up everyone!!! I'm happy to say that I will be supporting @StefaniTre this quarter. SHINHWA is still an overall new group to me but I'm determined to learn more about this iconic group! I will be in providing your daily dose of Dongwan every Sunday so please look forward to that!
A few things about me:
I'm 17 yrs. old
My birthday is July 15
I love Kpop(obviously xD)
I am socially akward around people i just meet but once you get to know me i'll totally change xD
I love playing piano
NCT is my ultimate bias group
My top three biases are Taehyung(BTS), Chen(EXO), and Minhyuk(Monsta X)
I am currently teaching my self Korean, I'm still a beginner tho but i know the basics
OKAY! So for next Sunday i will be making a "Getting to know Dongwan" card where i will make put all kinds of info. about Dongwan so look forward to that.
Also let me know if you want to be added to the SHINHWA tag list! Until next time.
Shinhwa Mods:
Shinhwa Taglist:
P.S this update still has me shook........
you can add me to the Shinhwa tag list ^^ You're going to fall heavily for these guys, its impossible to try and learn about them and not end up a total Stan XD
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Welcome to the team!