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Well If you are a Tinkerbell then of course you already know ♡ , now of you don't know Tinkerbell is knk's Fandom name ^_^ .. And our favorite type of maple tree is our very own Maknae Heejun.
For those of you just getting to know knk I'm here to jump start the process by telling you all about our maple tree ♡

Real Name: Oh Hee Jun
Birthday: May 08, 1996

Position: vocals and maknae
Height: 180cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood: B

He had training with FNC Entertainment before joining YNB’s KNK as a vocalist.

Before his debut with the group, he appeared in the reality show Cheongdamdong 111 in 2013.

He was also a vocalist and guitarist of Kokoma Band.

Favorite things
Food: Braised chicken
Favorite Movie:Twilight,The Intern
Favorite Music:HipHop, Rock, Folk
Motto: Let’s always be thankful and humble
Hobby:Singing with guitar
Sports: Soccer,Bowling,Ping-Pong

– He has two older sisters.
– He has a quick-witted personality.
– His nickname is Kkamssi.
– He is a former FNC Entertainment trainee.
– In 2013 he appeared with Inseong on the reality show Cheongdam-dong 111.
– He was the vocalist and guitarist of Kokoma Band (꼬꼬마 밴드).
– His favorite food is braised chicken.
– The food he doesn’t like: Chinese noodle and Korean rice soup with oyster.
– His favorite drinks are coke and milk.
– His favorite type of music are: HipHop, Rock and Folk.
– His favorite celebrity is Amanda Seyfried.
– His favorite movies are Twilight and The Intern.
– His hobby is playing the guitar.
– His favorite sports are soccer, bowling and ping-pong.
– His habit is scratching between the eyebrows.
– His shoe size is 25.5 cm.
– If he has free time, he wants to go shopping.
– Heejun’s ideal type: “Someone like APink’s Yoon BoMi or Amanda Seyfried
Also a little fact Heejun like to cling to his hyung Yoojin ♡

They are just adorable, and if you want to learn more about knk and our tree be sure to check out the knk community and join us every day ♡♡♡
Heejun and I can't wait to see you every Friday * I know I'm super late at making this*

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I seriously love the way he clings to Youjin 💖
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Lovely card sam!!!
😘 thank you love
*casually saves gifts of heejunxyoujin*