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Dr. Yoongi lifts his head from resting onto his fist.

"Park Jimin? I'll see what I can do, I guess..." He says with an incredible lack of enthusiasm & motivation. Having the "I'm just ready to get home" vibe. Yoongi lazily stood up from his leather office chair & heads towards the door, purposely brushing shoulders with Namjoon.

You'd think he'd be more excited to help someone in need... Namjoon thought as he follows his coworker out the room.


"Did he seem dangerous?" Yoongi asked as he keeps his gaze outside the large windows along the hospital hallway watching the weather get worse. Namjoon tilts his head from confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Since he's talking about hurting himself, I assume he's willing to hurt someone else." Namjoon places his index finger & thumb over his chin to think.

"I mean, he seem harmless. It doesn't seem like he means it, but you can never be too safe."

"I see," Yoongi says, still keeping​ his gaze upon the window. "I just hope he'll be cooperative."

They continued to walk down the seemingly never ending hallway, passing both paitents & doctors going from room to room until the arrived at Yoongi's new client's room: Room number 213.

"We're here." Namjoon announced. He hands Yoongi the clipboard with the paitents information & touches Yoongi's shoulder before he walks in.

"Like I said, he's harmless. Try to be easy on him." Namjoon pats his back before shoving his hands into his pockets & walking away. Yoongi deeply sighs once more followed by him gripping the door knob & turning it, entering the room in the process.

Yoongi slowly closes the door behind him & looks around the plain, empty hospital room. The sheets weren't made, the television was on, someone was clearly in there. Dumbfounded, he takes another step forward deeper into the room.

"Park Jimin?" He calls. No one answers. Yoongi makes his way towards the bed & gets onto his knees to look under it. Still no one there. Yoongi stands back up & was left scratching his head. A noise from the closet then catches his attention, putting his full attention to it.

You've got to be kidding me... He thought. Yoongi then deeply inhales & exhales, trying to stay calm from the paitents childish behavior. Although he's used to paitents hiding from him, it's usually from little children.

"I'm not going to hurt you," He says as he slowly makes his way towards the closet. "I'm going to be your caregiver from now on."

A small gasp could be heard behind the closet door.

"A caregiver? Are you hear to fill me with lies about my health? If you are, I already know I'm dying. So don't bother giving me false hopes." His voice sounds broken, like he's been crying for God knows how long. Although that's what Yoongi is supposed to do, see ignores what he says.

"Just come out already..." Yoongi says raising his voice.

"No..." The paitent simply response.

He's testing my patience...

With that, Yoongi quickly marches towards the closet & roughly pulls it open. Revealing a man with fluffy pink hair & puffy lips who was hooked to his I.V, hugging his knees close to his chest. His eyes were brown but the whites of them were slightly tinted red, obviously​ from crying. But honestly could you blame him?

The was filled with silence.

The paitent quietly stares back into Yoongi's eyes, not saying a word. He's

Still not saying a word, Yoongi offers to help him up by holding out his veiny hands but was rejected by him attempting to get up himself, but is clearly struggling to do so from his slowly weakening bones.

After to stand up, he again silently offers to walk him towards him bed.

"I'm fine..." He finally says as he slowly makes his way towards the bed, pulling his I.V out from the closet.

He is difficult... Yoongi thought, replaying Namjoon's words in his mind.

I don't have the motivation for this... Yoongi lets out a deep breath & rolls his eyes.


"Park Jimin, is that correct?" Yoongi quested him as he pulls up a chair next to Jimin's bed & sits down, crossing his leg over the other in a "professional" manner.

"Yeah, that's correct..." Jimin quietly​ replied as he wipes his still watering eyes with the tissue next to his nightstand. Yoongi had a few questions running through his mind: "Why was he in the closet" "Why was he crying?" "Was he hurting himself?"

But then again, he could honestly care less. He was just ready for his shift to be over so he could lay in bed, at least arrive home before the weather gets worse than what it already is.

"I Think it's fair if you tell me a bit about yourself." Yoongi says. Jimin furrowed his eyebrows from Yoongi's suggestion.

"Does that matter?" Jimin began. "I'll be dead anyways, no point in getting attached to me."

"Don't flatter yourself, I'm just doing my job." Yoongi shot back with his usual cold attitude. Jimin takes his eyes off of his doctor & places his attention out the window, where the snow continues to fall showing no signs of stopping.

After another moment of silence, Jimin opens his mouth to speak.

"I'm 21 years old & was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago... it sucks, but I'll pull through with it I guess."

Yoongi looks up from his files, putting his attention to his paitent.

"Do you have family? How did they feel?" Jimin shrugs his shoulders.

"I lived on my own, I don't know where my family is but I couldn't care less."

"I see, any friends at least?"

"No, I had a hard time making them. But it doesn't matter anymore, does it?" Yoongi shuts his mouth for a moment, thinking of what to say next. Carefully choosing his words before speaking.

"So, you're alone?" Jimin slowly nods his head.


"I'm sorry to hear." Jimin makes a small chuckle.

"I don't need your pity. Even if I wasn't, it wouldn't change anything..." Jimin's voice became more quiet & shakey. Although he wasn't facing him, Yoongi could tell that he could breakdown​ into tears at any moment. Yoongi looks at Jimin's rather small hands tightly gripping the sheets. Not knowing what else to do, he decides to change the subject to something more simple.

"Do you have any hobbies?"

Jimin sniffles softly & finally takes his attention from the snow outside the window & placing it towards Yoongi. He felt his heart slightly skip a beat from looking into the paitent's sparkling brown eyes up close.

"Well," Jimin says. "I sing, but I'm not any good."

"Has anyone told you that?"

"No, but I don't think I am."

"Can I hear?"

"No! Didn't you hear what I said?" Jimin slightly raises his voice as he crosses his arms over his chest, giving an "intimating" look. Yoongi smiles & chuckles from the sight.

"I'm the only one here, everything in this room is confidential."

"Liar, you're gonna go & tell your "doctor friends" about it...I don't even trust you."

"I didn't say you have to." Jimin was left with his jaw hanging before pouting his lips & hiding under the white sheets of the hospital bed.

"It wouldn't matter if you told them... I'll be dead soon anyways..."

The room falls into another silence once again from Jimin's blunt comment. Yoongi stares blankly at the information on the papers in from of him.

"How much time do you have left?" He asked, trying to keep his composure. He felt shaken by Jimin's sad but true statement but why? He should be used to paitent's talking like that, but with Jimin...

"The end of this month." He answered, still hiding under the covers.

"&... you don't have anyone? Not even a neighbor that you could tell your goodbyes to...?" Jimin slowly shakes his head, the sound of his hair rubs against the sheets. Before Yoongi opens his mouth, he gets a glimpse of the time: 8pm. Their session has come to an end.

"I'm afraid our session has come to an end. It was nice talking with you." With that, Yoongi stood up from his chair & makes his way towards the door.

"Wait." Jimin calls before Yoongi could exit, making him look over his shoulder. Jimin slowly appears from the sheets, with a much calmer look.

"When will you be back?"

Shocker, he actually wants to see me again

"We'll meet every Tuesday for counseling but we'll meet everyday." Yoongi responses.

"I see..." A small smile slowly appears across Jimin's face, showing the wrinkles in his eyes.

"See you then." He says under his small as he waved. Yoongi nods his head, avoiding eye contact with him before leaving. Once he exits the room, he leans against the door & placed his hands over his heart followed by his head. Checking as if he has a fever.

What the hell was that...? Yoongi thought as he continues to feel his forehead. He quickly shakes off the possible wrong thoughts from his mind & proceeds with his shift.

No, that can't be it..


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