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Hello everyone! Welcome to part 1 of N Day!!

Here's a bit about how N Day's will work this quarter. There will always be two posts per N day.

@MaeLyn and I are going to bring the different sides of our Leader to you every week. Both cards will bring to light the different sides he has to himself. Every Sunday the two cards will have the same general concept but will be on different spectrums. For example this Sunday the theme is Cute VS. Sexy pictures!

So can you guess which one I'll be bringing you?


If you guessed sexy you're wrong, I teased you with the sexy picture above. XD

Part 1 is Cute pictures of our lovely Cha.

But first up let me give you some fun facts about him!

Fun Facts:

~His favorite colors are red and black.
~His hobbies are dancing and performing.
~If he we're a girl he's stated he'd date Ravi.
~He has many nicknames and those are N-Jumma, Chabooty, Hacker Cha, Cha Leader, Annoying Cha, and N-Mi.
~His favorite food is meat, especially Galbi.
~He has an older brother and two older sisters, Hakyeon is the youngest.
~He's won compeitions in the past for his dancing.
~He went to Howon University.
~He's an actor!
~He's currently acting in two dramas, Tunnel (as Park Kwang Ho) and Perfect Wife (as Brian Lee).
~He's been in two web dramas as the main role, Tomorrow Boy and What's Up With These Kids?
~He has a Twitter account: @CHA_NNNNN
~He has an Instagram account as well: @achahakyeon

Now onto the cute pictures!

Please look forward to the future posts to come!! :)


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