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Hello everyone!!

So CNBlue is made up of four extremely attractive men....Who are also just overgrown dorks xP

But, what kpop group isn't? Girl groups? Nah, they're also all dorks, they're just extremely pretty cX

Anyway, so this week (and next week) we'll be showing you all the silliness of CNBlue and this week I am in charge of the entire CNBlue group, so here are some pictures of them all being silly~

Sadly, I couldn't find a ton of pictures of all of them being dorks, but I did find this super cute video of them.

So enjoy C:
Such a cute and silly video~ Haha, I love this video since it has content of them behind the scenes of some of their music videos. They truly are just adorable dorks cX

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed all this cute silliness from our boys. And if you want more, then please look forward to the rest of the members' cards this week~

See you all next Sunday~!!

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they are such overgrown men who are dorks!
Isn't every kpop idol though? 😂
They are so funny and cute!
They really are cX