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Viewers wept with Kang-to as fell into anguish discovering the real identity of Mok-dan. The drama’s thickening plot is playing a big role in increasing the viewer ratings. According to AGB Nielson Media Research, the 4th episode of Bridal Mask aired on June 7th recorded 15.6 percent in national viewer ratings. The figure was 2 percent higher than the previous episode, allowing Bridal Mask to continue its streak as the number one drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays. In the 4th episode, Kang-to(Joo Won) is in anguish after discovering the real identity of Mok-dan(Jin Se-yeon), who was his first love Bun-yi whom he thought had died in their youth. Mok-dan sneaks into Kyungsung Motel dressed as a man to find her knife. Kang-to was already at the motel to capture Mok-dan to use as bait to capture the Bridal Mask. After capturing Mok-dan Kang-to questions her about the Bridal Mask’s whereabouts, but she just answers she came to find her knife. Kang-to cannot speak after seeing the knife, which he recognizes as the one he gave Bun-yi when they had to part. He falls to the ground in anguish and tears after quickly lifting her hair to check her right ear for a little bump. Kang-to later has a drink with his childhood friend Shunji showing the turmoil inside his heart by saying “If it means I can capture the Bridal Mask, I’ll kill my first love herself.” Still in agony, Kang-to goes to his brother Kang-san(Shin Hyun-jun) who is sleeping and asks, “I don’t know of a better way than this, living in a world where we have to pledge loyalty to the Japanese in order to live. What can I do, older brother? What can I do?” Kang-san heard everything and is hiding his tears while Kang-to keeps crying. Writer: Jeon Ji-young @KBS
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Keep fighting, what else to do?...