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Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA from Vingle for a while, I just got back from a week-long trip to Japan!

I spent half the time in Tokyo, and half in Kyoto and we were lucky enough to be there right at peak cherry blossom season! I'll post about Tokyo later (spoiler alert - i got to visit the youtube studios!) but today I wanted to share some footage of the sakura in Kyoto.
In Gion, the geisha district, there is a big stream that runs through the center of town. That entire stream is lined with the most perfect cherry blossoms and its absolutely stunning.
We also visited a few shrines that had plenty of sakura too and it was just so calming to look at them. People were also super respectful of the trees too, and weren't touching them or shaking them to get the perfect picture. I really appreciated that!

Are there any cherry blossoms where you guys are?! I just got back to Seoul and they're EVERYWHERE!

oh yeah.. I can't take my eyes off of them..
wow! If I ever go to Kyoto I'm sure to follow the places you suggested
Ahhhhh it looks so beautiful, at my old house in Michigan we had I think a peach blossom tree but it did have petals like that in the spring.