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Bunny, Duck Collaboration

Tonight we're collabing with Jay Mfing Park and Ugly Duckie (father of my ducklings )

Ain't no Party like an AOMG party- I feel like I need to be at a party and drinking a beer when I hear this song. I feel like I need to be in Korea in VIP section with them when I hear this song. This song is just life I want an AOMG party lol.
Boss- I love this song, another WorldWide song because that album was lit for centuries, I can't get enough of it. It helps me get motivated when I make business plans for my cafe.
Mommae- It's not a Jay and Duck Collab if I don't include one of Jay's most fan fav and beloved songs. I still love this song I can't get tried of it honestly and I've tried.
No where- Honestly I can't remember if I heard this one or not I know I tried getting the whole album but I think I just sampled this one from Google Play Store. I need to go back and pay for the whole album once I get paid.
Plp- I did listen to this and I believe Far East movement is in here as well. It's a dope song though.

Put em Up.- Not going to lie I almost forgot about this song but this song is dope af OMG! This is like a fight song and a hype song. This is a mosh pit, trash your friend's house while breaking your ex boyfriends car song. lol This song just makes me wanna misbehave. The beat and the rap OMFG. If I didn't love them before this song would've made me a J Walker in a second and I would've plotted how to steal duck in a heartbeat. I saved the best for last so, if you're about to sleep, listen to it tomorrow this song will wake you all the way up!
I wish I was there when Jay did the subtitles on it ain't a party til it's aomg party though
Lmfao yes cause that was hilarious
MY ANTHEM!!!! hehe
lol which one ?
Lol Ain't No Party!
@MarrickeJ33 yes that song is lit
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